Hello1010 – The Best Online Store In Malaysia and Singapore For Overseas Sim Cards For Your Travels PLUS Their Facebook Is Really Informative

Previously, I shared with you about a Travel Sim card from Hello1010 where I had continuous data connection while I was crossing borders in Europe. I was really impressed that a company in Malaysia, i.e. Hello1010, could provide me with a Sim Card that works faultlessly during my Eastern Europe Trip which allow me to update my Followers as I travel from one country to another.

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Yes, if you are residing in Malaysia or Singapore and you are traveling overseas, I strongly recommend that you get a SIM card from Hello1010. The overseas SIM Cards sold by Hello1010 are really freaking cheap (compared to paying Malaysia TELCOs for Data Roaming) and you get discount too when you use their Promo Code (see their Facebook for promos).

Below are a few options you can choose from when you are visiting Europe. There is even a UK Sim that allows you to use the SIM Card in 72 countries and up to 50GB Data!

Above is just an example for Europe. For specific country (USA, China, Australia) or Region (Australasia, South America) and etc, please visit Hello 1010 websites below:

Click here for Hello1010 Malaysia.

Click here for Hello1010 Singapore – Official Store at Shopee Singapore.

Now, the people at Hello1010 are not only selling Travel SIM Cards but are actually taking the initiative to update their FB Followers on latest happenings and relevant info. And I want to share several things which I learned from Hello 1010 Facebook.

When you tap on SEE MORE, you are provided with very useful information!

As you can see, the above step by step are very informative and detail. You tell me, where can you get such good info. At the start they told you about Travel Insurance for Covid to the extend they tell you what each insurance company cover!!! So today many of you including me learned that AIG Travel Insurance for Covid covers Quarantine too!

And at the end of Hello1010 post, they even gave us links on the Covid Insurance in PDF plus other important links.

You tell me, where can you find such detail info provided by Hello 1010?

That is why you must Follow Hello1010 Facebook because you will benefit from the information shared by them. So click here to Hello 1010 Facebook and tap to Follow them,

From the link provided above to Hello 1010 FB, you can then also tap on the links provided by Hello 1010 to read more on AXA and AIG Travel Insurance Plan plus how to book for hotel quarantine. However please note, the covid situation is still very fluid and insurance companies are adjusting their products so that they do not lose money! So check on latest Insurance Policy and do not assume.

And once you are a Follower of Hello 1010, the next time you are going overseas, you will remember where to get a SIM Card before you travel.

Oh yes, those of you who have 2 phones or a Dual Sim phone, you will have no issues being connected via roaming to receive SMS from Maybank or other banks in the event there are fraudulent transactions with your Malaysia SIM Card and using DATA with the SIM Card purchased from Hello 1010. As for those of you with iPhone or Single Sim Card phone….. go get a new Samsung Phone with Dual Sims Option (you can then use the Travel SIM as a Hotspot for your iPhone) and make sure it has NFC feature so you can use Samsung Pay Contactless payment including for TUBE in London!!!

Now you all know I only promote for FREE stuff that will benefit us, i.e. Maybank & Public Bank credit cards, Kavalan at KrisShop (by the way they have restock Hibiki Harmony if you have KrisFlyer Miles to burn), Cognac XO because it has anti-oxidants, Rolex Datejust Stainless Steel 31mm (most elegant watch for ladies), Pacsafe & Travelon bags so that you do not experience shit happens situation while traveling, Shopee & Lazada to earn FREE Money and etc.

In respect to the above, it is the same for Hello1010 FB because the Admin really takes the trouble to provide us with very important information. All travelers must follow them in addition to getting a Travel SIM Card from them.

In respect to the above, if you do Follow Hello1010 Facebook after reading this, please comment at my FB,where I provided the link to this article, that you have Followed Hello 1010 and nothing else unless you want to be set to banned!!! And if there are many of you who did confirmed that you have followed Hello 1010 FB, maybe I will email Hello 1010 and ask for a special Discount Promo code for those of you who have commented/confirmed you have followed Hello 1010 FB 🙂

P.s. don’t just comment “Followed” else FB may set your comment to SPAM, comment instead something like, “thank you, I have followed” or “informative, Followed, thanks for the info” and etc. Make sure your comment is unique.