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Hello1010 – The Best Online Store In Malaysia and Singapore For Overseas Sim Cards For Your Travels PLUS Their Facebook Is Really Informative

Previously, I shared with you about a Travel Sim card from Hello1010 where I had continuous data connection while I was crossing borders in Europe. I was really impressed that a company in Malaysia, i.e. Hello1010, could provide me with a Sim Card that works faultlessly during my Eastern Europe Trip which allow me to update my Followers as I travel from one country to another.

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Yes, if you are residing in Malaysia or Singapore and you are traveling overseas, I strongly recommend that you get a SIM card from Hello1010. The overseas SIM Cards sold by Hello1010 are really freaking cheap (compared to paying Malaysia TELCOs for Data Roaming) and you get discount too when you use their Promo Code (see their Facebook for promos).

Below are a few options you can choose from when you are visiting Europe. There is even a UK Sim that allows you to use the SIM Card in 72 countries and up to 50GB Data!

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