You Earned FREE Money From Credit Cards And eWallets – Show Me The Hard Cold Cash

So you have been earning meaningful FREE Money from Credit Cards (Maybank, Public Bank, Affin Bank, CIMB Bank, etc), eWallets (Boost, Grab, Shopee Pay, etc), from Games and Promos (Hotlink, TnG eWallet, Maybank App and MAE) and even Samsung Pay.

In respect to the above, I guess you consider yourself pretty smart since you are earning FREE Money.

But I have told you many times, one becomes rich not from how much he/she earns but how much he/she saves. And in order to help you save all the FREE Money you earned and to ensure that the money grows and grows over the years, I have designed a method to assist you in my article titled GenX’s Simple Engineered Hack To See Your Wealth Grow With Cash Back Credit Cards.

In respect to the above, today I received a message from a Sis where she expressed her gratitude for listening to me:

As you can read from above, her husband was stubborn and lazy and thus he is regretting today.

Now why would you think that the husband is regretting?

I have told you many times, you will end up earning nothing if you do not transfer the FREE Money you have earned from thin air to another account because:

  1. The Cash Back you earned from credit cards is immediately burned as it is credited into your credit card account to offset outstanding payments.
  2. Same thing for eWallet where the cash back is credited into the eWallet and you will immediately burn the FREE money to pay for something else.

In respect to the above items, you will never get to see or feel the money. That’s why I keep telling you that playing cash back will not make your life any better!!!

However, if you transfer the FREE Money you earned from cash back to a separate account, you will get to shiok sendiri when you see your money grow and grow. And usually people who do this are very disciplined and I can tell you these people will be loaded with money in their old age. Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit.

Now, today the interest rate for FD is less than 3% but very soon it will be increasing and many of you who have followed my advise will see your money growing faster. And the best part of parking your money in Fixed Deposit is that you cannot lose money! Therefore your FREE Money is guaranteed to grow and grow.

Now, If you have money to invest from your DISPOSABLE INCOME, then you can consider investing in riskier investments such as the stock market, properties and even cryptocurrencies with the condition (1) you already have 6 months savings to survive in the unfortunate event you are unemployed and (2) you can sleep soundly if your investment goes south.

However, the God given money from thin air, i.e. FREE Money from credit cards, eWallets, Contests and etc, just deposit into FD to continue enjoying the blessings and no need to be greedy because nothing good will come from greed.

For a limited time, I am allowing you to read another Testimonial from a Bro who is a die hard cash back fan where he earned more than RM15K in 2018 & 2019 by following my instructions. He was very proud of the amount he has earned from thin air until I asked him where has the FREE Money he earned gone to?

Click here to read Testimonial 2021 Part 3+ From A Cash Back Fan To Air Miles Disciple BUT Still Mainly A Cash Back Fan (Limited Time Password: Blessed).

The above mentioned Bro then realized what I have been lecturing in my articles and then started to follow my Simple Engineering Hack To See Your Money Grow and Grow.

In 2020 and 2021 he earned RM25K in cash back; and of course he deposited the FREE Money he earned every time into a separate account and today when I ask him to show me the money, he can 🙂

Many of you, young people, have been taught by me on the importance of saving money for a rainy day so that you are prepared for shit happens situations and not to fall into the shit hole of debt using credit cards especially with 0% Installment Plans which will give you the false impression that you have more money than you actually have.

In Page 2, I will teach you young parents about saving money for your kids.

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