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You Earned FREE Money From Credit Cards And eWallets – Show Me The Hard Cold Cash

So you have been earning meaningful FREE Money from Credit Cards (Maybank, Public Bank, Affin Bank, CIMB Bank, etc), eWallets (Boost, Grab, Shopee Pay, etc), from Games and Promos (Hotlink, TnG eWallet, Maybank App and MAE) and even Samsung Pay.

In respect to the above, I guess you consider yourself pretty smart since you are earning FREE Money.

But I have told you many times, one becomes rich not from how much he/she earns but how much he/she saves. And in order to help you save all the FREE Money you earned and to ensure that the money grows and grows over the years, I have designed a method to assist you in my article titled GenX’s Simple Engineered Hack To See Your Wealth Grow With Cash Back Credit Cards.

In respect to the above, today I received a message from a Sis where she expressed her gratitude for listening to me:

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