Revision To Alliance Bank Visa Infinite And Visa Platinum TnC 2022

If you are my long time follower, you will know that when Credit Card Issuers first introduce a new credit card, they will offer very good features to entice people to sign up for the new credit card. But with time they will revised the benefits down. Why? Because most probably they have hit the target of cardholders they wanted and many have stupidly fallen into the shit hole of debt (paying freaking high interest on outstanding balance) thus making the card issuers lots of money.

In the second half of 2020, in order to make the Alliance Bank credit cards more attractive to (1) entice new sign ups and (2) to entice existing cardholders to spend with their Alliance Bank credit card, Alliance Bank did a total revamp of their Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum card features….. so much so I even awarded it the Best Credit Card in Malaysia To Accumulate Enrich Points!

The main feature of the revamped Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum in 2022 was that it earn the cardholder 8X Timeless Bonus Points for topping up eWallets!

However, credit card benefits such as Reward Points or Cash Back do eat into the profit of the card issuers.

Well, I guess Alliance Bank must have hit their target of new sign ups and many existing users are in debt paying interest to them (thus making them richer), they can now downgrade their Visa credit cards’ benefits so that they will effectively earn more money.

Effective 14th March 2022, Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum benefits will be revised, and in particular to topping up eWallets!!!

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