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Zillion Thanks To You My iFriends and My Bragging Rights 2016

An Article by GenX @ http://www.GenXGenYGenZ.com



It is time of the year again for me to present to you another article on my Bragging Rights 🙂

This article has three main parts to it:

The First Part is to thank all my readers, especially to those who have constantly showed appreciation for my FREE work by taking the trouble to post words of appreciation at Low Yat Net Forum, Facebook and my blogs at Blogspot.

The Second Part is about my credit cards of course, hahaha.

And the Third Part is that I will get to “shiok sendiri” and brag to you, hahahahahaha.

GenX Bragging Rights


Back in 2013, I published an article titled Zillion Thanks For Your Support thanking my readers for their support when I was down and damn pissed off with google for deleting my GenXGenYGenX Blogspot. If not for my supporters back in 2013 (where many Liked my Facebook to indicate that they benefited from my articles and wanted me to continue blogging)  and words of encouragement by many of them, I would have stopped blogging years ago and this dotcom website would not exist today.

My blog is targeted at those who are educated and willing to read my freaking long articles in full as I will provide comprehensive information (and sometimes contrary) to make you think, show you insights and intrigue your powerful mind so that you can come up with what is best for you. Usually for articles relating to credit cards, I may produce in-depth analysis so that you have a clearer picture. And if I am in a good mood, I may even produce freaking long articles to address question(s) by my readers.

If you are looking to be spoon fed with point form format and have no interest in reading my articles, you have stumbled upon the wrong place, hahaha. And please don’t message me at Facebook if you have only read one or two of my articles – go do a search first, e.g. go google “GenX GenY GenZ – Citibank Cash Back Review” OR “GenX Best Entry Level Credit Card in Malaysia”

Now, my articles are FREE for your benefit, so don’t expect them to be top notch quality. Actually, occasionally you will find errors and mistakes. And many of you have taken the trouble to point out these said errors/typos/mistakes which I truly appreciate; because then only accurate information are shared with others for their benefit.

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