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It is time of the year again for me to present to you another article on my Bragging Rights 🙂

This article has three main parts to it:

The First Part is to thank all my readers, especially to those who have constantly showed appreciation for my FREE work by taking the trouble to post words of appreciation at Low Yat Net Forum, Facebook and my blogs at Blogspot.

The Second Part is about my credit cards of course, hahaha.

And the Third Part is that I will get to “shiok sendiri” and brag to you, hahahahahaha.

GenX Bragging Rights


Back in 2013, I published an article titled Zillion Thanks For Your Support thanking my readers for their support when I was down and damn pissed off with google for deleting my GenXGenYGenX Blogspot. If not for my supporters back in 2013 (where many Liked my Facebook to indicate that they benefited from my articles and wanted me to continue blogging)  and words of encouragement by many of them, I would have stopped blogging years ago and this dotcom website would not exist today.

My blog is targeted at those who are educated and willing to read my freaking long articles in full as I will provide comprehensive information (and sometimes contrary) to make you think, show you insights and intrigue your powerful mind so that you can come up with what is best for you. Usually for articles relating to credit cards, I may produce in-depth analysis so that you have a clearer picture. And if I am in a good mood, I may even produce freaking long articles to address question(s) by my readers.

If you are looking to be spoon fed with point form format and have no interest in reading my articles, you have stumbled upon the wrong place, hahaha. And please don’t message me at Facebook if you have only read one or two of my articles – go do a search first, e.g. go google “GenX GenY GenZ – Citibank Cash Back Review” OR “GenX Best Entry Level Credit Card in Malaysia”

Now, my articles are FREE for your benefit, so don’t expect them to be top notch quality. Actually, occasionally you will find errors and mistakes. And many of you have taken the trouble to point out these said errors/typos/mistakes which I truly appreciate; because then only accurate information are shared with others for their benefit.

Coming back to my supporters, I would like to thank each and everyone of you again who have done the following:

1. Signed up as a follower at my blogs;
2. Like me at Facebook;
3. Sent me kind words of support via Comments/Message at Facebook or via post/PM at LYN;
4. Posted/commented kind words appreciating my work at Facebook and LYN;
5. Like me at my WordPress blog; and
6. Provided links to my articles instead of copying and pasting my work into your blog/website (I am sad to find occasionally my work is copied by others or my images posted without my consent).

And to each and everyone of you who have done the above, I consider you my iFriend 🙂

As you are now aware, I am going to stop blogging at GenerationsXYZ Blogspot. But I would like to thank the following Bloggers for signing up as Followers over the last 3 years:

Lim Wei Hong, bb chan, Adrin, layen, ST Chan, yungthay chua, Elisha, MC Khoo, syazone, Vic, Claire’ Psotman, PT, Eric Fui, tim wong, cwhong. Leo Gan, Myka Soriano, AGP, KL girl now in Ipoh, -g u a n t e I k gt, daws, Gary Lee, sanjivkumar ramanathan, Nyn, Chun Hong Keong, shally, as10ng, Akashi Yokozuna, Neo, Kchew, june loon, COSY, Ching Aik, Yip Khar Weng, S Yumi, Ct Tan, York, Kie, Beri, David Yap, Nazree, Thortilla, BeeZ, Abbas Ali, ayumi, Juliana Liaw, Nigel Pong, Khairuddin Noordin, muhamad adib bin yusoff, Agnes Lee, Sharon Ng, Harpal, milkyTom5, kbang, Viktor Bjorn, TE TAN@justin, bernard, Derrick Lee, tzong yew cheong, jason’s, Ming Song, Azizul Rahman, bucit, Silo, Wei Hong Lim, Onderay, Astounding, Honey_Bee, Jeff, Eriol Loh, ally ng, lousyflyer, Md Nordin, Tim Wong, 汤姆, chaichaichu, wanazhar, intan, 要你幸福, Memorizu, SeaShark, Wilson Yap, ysh_kobe, azleena, Dennis Lai, lynnzdelights, Ng Xiao Qing, Kellyn Khoo, Isaac Tan, David Galu, Betty, 颖, mama hani, robert, Alfred Kee, Hooi Hoon Tan, dahpnie, sanjiv, Alvin Tang, williamyl, kahheng, dylan_coco, Shirley Tan, Teo, Vanessa, autumn leaves, Allison Teoh, YM, Billy Lian, faiz, shivanggy, Elly Chen, Clarence, Jeremy Chung, Ng Julin, Chia Huei Yen, pinkyApple, ariesyaiful, Ramble and Wander, grace lee, Jerome, Al Fateh, beth, Sze, Adia, Dhiwagaran Gunasegaran, kenjixx fatt kiong, naks, Wee Loon Sim, Jeff Wong and jasmineh2y

Today I have more than 3.8K Facebook Likes and I don’t even know nor have I met 99.9% of you who have Liked me. As such, your Like is a very sincere action.

Many of you have taken the trouble to thank me, correcting the numerous mistakes in my articles, coming to my assistance whenever I asked for help at Facebook, posting greetings and wishes at Facebook, and, last but not least, consistently posting kind words that make my day 🙂 Below are some of the comments or testimonials which I truly appreciate:

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And I can never thank enough those of you who voted that GenX GenY GenZ is The No.1 Best Malaysia’s FREE Financial Website, hahaha.

GenX GenY GenZ The Best FREE Financial Website in Malaysia

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have one way or another posted some kind words at my facebook page or Liked my recent posts or have messaged me to thank me or provided info via Facebook (I am sure I will miss out one or two names as there are just too many of you kind people out there; as such I would like to apologize if I have left your name out):

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To all of you above whose name I have mentioned, you are hereby awarded an official “sticker” that you can paste anywhere you like, hahaha.


Once again, if I have left your name out, I sincerely apologize. Please message me at facebook if you feel that I have omitted you and you really really want to be acknowledged as an iFriend and I’ll gladly add your name to the above list so that you can have the sticker too, hahaha.


Last year I mentioned that I have reached the pinnacle in applying for Premier Credit Cards and that I will no longer be showing you guys any more new photos of my card collection. And that is why you don’t see the word – “My Credit Cards 2016” in the title of this article. Well, actually in 2015, my credit card collection started to reduce in numbers as I terminated my Citibank Platinum Visa, HSBC Visa Signature and UOB Privilege Banking Visa Infinite simply because I did not want to beg anymore for annual fee waivers for these cards.

Now most of my cards are truly FREE FOR LIFE without needing to spend a sen (Alliance Bank Visa Infinite applied via Privilege Banking, Citibank Australia Platinum Rewards Visa applied via CitiGold Australia, CIMB World MasterCard and Visa Infinite, Hong Leong Bank Platinum MasterCard with Priority Banking, Maybank 2 Platinum Cards and RHB Platinum Visa applied via Premier Banking). But I seldom use most of these said cards because most of the time I only use my Maybank 2 Cards Premier to earn 5X Treats Points with the intention to redeem for Frequent Flyer Miles.

Having said the above, I still need to call AMEX and UOB yearly and beg for annual fee waiver. I refuse to terminate my AMEX Gold Charge Card and happily willing to beg for the annual fee waiver yearly even though I have not been using it for years; because, I “shiok sendiri” whenever I see my AMEX Gold Charge Card with the words Member Since 88, hahaha.

As for my UOB Plat Visa, I was amongst the first to be issued one back in 2002 and they have been waving my annual fee every single year without much hassle. But his year, UOB really pissed me off. You see, sometime in March 2015, I signed up for a 0% Installment Plan using my UOB Platinum Visa as they were offering 5X UNIRinggit for 0% Installment Plans for Local Transactions. When I called UOB to request for the annual fee waiver sometime back in August, they refused to waive the annual fee in full (half to be exact). I guess UOB took the opportunity to charge me part of the annual fee since my 0% Installment Plan is still running where the last payment is only due in April 2016. I was so damn pissed off (actually I felt like an dumb-ass, hahaha) that I told the Customer Service to go tell their Management that I am a PB customer and I will withdraw ALL my money in UOB if they don’t waive the damn annual fee.

Now, UOB actually issues Privilege Banking MasterCard or Visa Platinum credit cards for FREE without any conditions. I use to have both of them but canceled them a couple of years ago. My current UOB Platinum Visa was upgraded from a Gold Card back in 2002 and therefore not tagged as a PB card but the normal Platinum where annual fees are imposed.

After a couple of days, I called UOB again and they gave me the good news that they will waive my Platinum Credit Card’s annual fee in full. I have learned my lesson and will go terminate my UOB Plat Visa this year. I am going to reapply for the UOB Privilege Banking Visa Infinite P because starting this year, 2016, the UOB VI P annual fee will be waived with just 12 swipes a year, no need to spend RM50K anymore to be eligible for annual fee waiver, hurray!

Anyway, if you want to see My Credit Card Collection as of January 2015 and how they benefited me, click here.

MY BRAGGING RIGHTS 2016 – Shiok Sendiri Only Lah.

In early 2014 I had 1000 Facebook Likes.

In early 2015, I had 2228 Facebook Likes.

And this year, 2016, I can brag to my children that I have more than 3828 Likes and it is all thanks to you guys 🙂 My children have their friends to like their posts and I have many more iFriends to Like my posts 🙂

I tell you, thanks to you guys for taking the trouble to either Like my Facebook Page or posts, I get a continuous stream of “shiok sendiri” sensations.

In 2015, my GenerationsXYZ Blogspot registered more than 1.16 million views. Today, it has surpassed the 1,800,000 mark!!! I am really proud of this achievement. However the highest ranking my website ever got was World’s Top 800K sometime back in mid 2014. After that time, my previous blog was always ranked about the 1m mark, hahaha.


In 2015, I forced my readers who wanted to read my article on AirAsia before it was “officially” published to take a vote. Click here to my Facebook Post dated 22 October 2015. Based on the vote count, the majority of my readers voted that GenX GenY GenZ is the No.1 Best Malaysia’s FREE Financial Website. A few of them voted that I charge a fee for my articles, haha. So now I can brag that I am officially (by my readers) ranked No.1 in Malaysia, hahahaha.

Now comes the part that I like to brag about, i.e. my children’s education. Since I have stopped collecting credit cards, I have started to collect Spirits (Cognac in particular). The other thing that I am collecting now are Degrees, and so far I have 5 Degrees!

Myself – 2 Degrees. Bachelor of Engineering (High Honor) and Master of Engineering where both were from USA.

My wife’s – 1 Degree. A Bachelor of Science in Economics (Highest Honor) from USA. Yes, my wife’s Economics degree is a science degree and not Bachelor of Arts.

My eldest son – 2 Degrees. A Bachelor of Engineering from a USA Top 10 Engineering Uni and a Master of Engineering from an Ivy League Uni in USA.

The following degrees are to be collected and along the way a few hundred thousand Ringgit burned:

My eldest son – scheduled to received in 2018 his third degree, Doctor of Medicine M.D. from an Australian Uni ranked in the World’s Top 50 Medical School.

My eldest son, at the age of 16 (he went to Standard 1 earlier and that was the last year before our current PM banned anyone from starting Primary school earlier),  was accepted into the Top 10 Engineering Uni in USA prior to obtaining his SPM results as he took the SAT exams before even sitting for his SPM.

My eldest daughter – scheduled to received in 2016 her first degree, Bachelor of Pharmacy from an Australian University which was ranked in the World’s Top 10 for Pharmacy in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2015, the Uni was ranked in the World’s Top 30 for Pharmacy, hahaha. Update July 2016 – her Uni was ranked the Top 4 Best University for Pharmacy in 2016 by QS!!!

Like my eldest son, this daughter of mine was also accepted into a USA Top 3 Uni for Pharmacy to pursue a PharmD (6 years PhD equivalent program) prior to obtaining her SPM results. She was 17 years old when she got her acceptance letter via email.  But USA is too far, so I sent her to Melbourne instead. This daughter hardly studies. And if you have been a reader of mine for years, you may remember that I mentioned that she went to the Korean K-Pop Band 2PM concert while in the midst of taking her SPM!!! Last November I flew to Melbourne, and while I was there I noted that my daughter was not studying but busy watching Korean dramas on her iPad and her exams were due in 2 weeks time. So I asked her why is it that she is not studying? And the reply she gave me is that it’s too early to study as she will forget everything by the time she sits for her finals!!! She only studied like 2 days before her actual exam date. And as usual, she aced her exams with Distinctions.

My second son – he just completed his Victoria Certificate of Education (Year 12) last year and will be entering Uni this year (2016). He has yet to receive any offers from any Australian Unis as the offers are only scheduled to be released later this month. Most probably he will be either taking up Accountancy in a Worlds’ Top 50 Uni for Accountancy or Engineering in a World’s Top 100 Engineering Uni (depending on the offer he gets which is beyond his control for now). This second son of mine is a PC Gaming Addict and I will be glad as long as he gets to enter a World Top 100 Uni, hahaha. Update July 2016 – my son is doing a double degree in Melbourne majoring in Accouting and something else which is to be decided next year and his Uni was ranked in the world top 30 for Accounting this year!!!

As for my Dragon GenZ daughter (born in the year 2000), I really get to brag because her achivement for year 2015 was beyond my expectation.

When she started Year 7 in a Melbourne private school in 2013, I remembered the top student in that school had a ATAR score of 94. This daughter also hardly studies and does her assignments at the very last minute. But came end of the year, to my plesant surprise, she won the DUX Year 7 Title (DUX – from the Latin word meaning leader or from the English Dictionary top pupil of his/her class/school).

In 2014, while in Year 8, this daughter competed with about 4000 students across Victoria where they had to sit for an entrance exam to fight for a place in a selective high school. To my surprise she managed to secure a place and therefore started Year 9 (2015) in one of the best high schools in Australia. And for you to gauge the difference in standard between this selective school compared to her previous school – in 2015, 2/3 of the Year 12 students in her new school obtained ATAR (The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) Score of 95 and above!!!

Therefore, my youngest daughter is now in a school where the students are amongst the best of the best. She tells me her friends are so good that some of them already have Diplomas in Music where as she is only now in Grade 7!!! Therefore, I was not expecting my youngest daughter to win any academic award in this new school unlike the last 2 years (2013 and 2014) in her old private high school. But to my astonishment, my daughter did win an award for general academic excellence for Year 9 in 2015 where about 10 of these awards was given out (total Year 9 students about 200).


Click here to see my eldest son’s Rolex GMT Master II Blue Black 116710BLNR a.k.a. Batman. I bought the watch for RM28,630 back in March 2015 from a Rolex Authorised Dealer. And back in November 2015, the same Rolex AD had one in stock and was selling it for RM38K!!! I saved RM10K in just a matter of months!

Click here to see my second son’s Limited Edition Bell & Ross BR 03-51 TWG GMT BLUE. Only 50 pieces were produced and the one I secured had the number No.8 🙂


All my articles are related in one way or another in chronological order, therefore it is best you read all of them and right now is the best time since I am starting afresh with my new http://www.GenXGenYGenZ.com

You should start from the very beginning by reading my updated GenX’s Online Profile by clicking here now; so that you know where I am coming from, thus, making it easier to comprehend my articles :

Followed by:

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Last but not least, always remember Cheap No Good, Good No Cheap BUT FREE IS THE BEST!

And http://www.GenXGenYGenZ.com is FREE for your benefit where it will teach you to save and earn Pocket Money and more importantly you can’t take your money to the grave, hahaha.

Zillion Thanks once again to each and everyone of you, my iFriend 🙂

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