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The Best Cash Back Credit Card Combo – AEON Credit Cards plus Online Cash Back Cards

Another credit card tutorial by GenX @ http://www.GenXGenYGenZ.com

Update September 2016 – Effective 1st October 2016, the UOB VOX card will be terminated/phased out. There is a new UOB Cash Back card called YOLO but you need to spend a minimum amount in order to earn some cash back.

Update 30 April 2016 – Mr. Jerie Lim confirmed that his CIMB Cash Rebate MC also earned him 5% Cash Back via PosOnline.


First of all, I would like to thank the following people who have taken the time to comment at my Facebook Page or messaged me via Facebook, so that you can benefit from the information which is presented in this article:

  • Mr. Jerie Lim, for being the first person to highlight to me that AEON Credit Cards’ bills can be paid Online via PosOnline. Mr. Jerie Lim further commented at my Facebook Page that the UOB VOX credit cards gives him 5% cash back from online transactions.
  • Mr. Lou Jyh Haur, for commenting at my Facebook Page that PosOnline imposes 2% Fee when we use our credit card to pay AEON Credit Card bills.
  • LYN member with the nickname kelvinlzy, the first person to inform me (via Facebook Message) that he managed to get 5% cash back with his UOB VOX plus extra 0.3% cash back when he paid his AEON credit card bill via PosOnline!!! For the record, kelvinlzy was the first person to post at LYN that we can use another credit card to pay AEON’s credit card bills via PosOnline.

Most of the contents below were first posted back in late March 2016 in my article titled AEON GenX Platinum Credit Card & Why You Should Get An AEON Credit Card. This said article had 2 parts, the first part about AEON GenX Platinum Credit Card was an April Fools’ Joke. The second part about Why You Should Get An AEON Credit Card was to highlight to my readers that they may be able to get cash back up to 4% for any type of transactions with a little bit of extra work by simply using an AEON Credit Card to pay for his/her transactions AND then use a credit card that earns him/her cash back for Online Transactions.

It is now end of April 2016, and there are still people who are of the impression that the AEON GenX Platinum Credit Card is real!!! I guess it must be either due to my fantastic story-telling skill or those people didn’t even bother to read the article carefully even though after 1st April I have added comments at the start of the article that the AEON GenX Platinum is an April Fools’ Joke.

So, I thought I should have a dedicated post (with updated/revised comments) to just highlight that we can now earn up to 4% cash back for any type of transactions simply by using an AEON Credit Card and then use another cash back credit card to pay the AEON Credit Card Bill.

Without further ado, I shall once again teach you how you can earn up to 4% cash back (can be more which I will tell you in the Conclusion if you shop at AEON Big) for any type of transactions any where on earth.


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