AEON Kredit GenX GenY GenZ Platinum & Why You Should Get An AEON Credit Card

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This post has two parts:

The AEON Kredit GenX GenY GenZ Credit Card is an ARTicle and April Fools’ Joke.

Part II – You can pay AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad’s credit card bills with another credit card is not an April Fool Joke but a credit card tutorial. Update 2017 – many people have reported that they could no longer pay their AEON Credit Card Bill via POS Online.


Sometime in early March 2016, I received a message via Facebook from Ms. Hinata Shiro claiming to be from AEON Kredit (M) Co. Ltd. I wasn’t sure if the message was genuine or not because I have received several fake messages (at LYN and Facebook) from people claiming to be so and so. Anyway, below is the facebook message (click here if you need to enlarge the image):

Facebook Hinata Shiro

Before I proceed, I would like to make a Community Service Announcement:

If you are a regular reader of mine, in the past I have “begged” you guys to donate to me RM11.18 or USD1 via PayPal at as contribution to the maintenance of my dotcom blog. Guess what, I received an email at claiming to be from PayPal telling me that the account has been suspended (or something like that) and that I need to verify it immediately by clicking on a link in the email. Well, it’s a fake message because PayPal would never contact me at as my main Pay Pal account has another email address. Even if a payment was made to my PayPal SUB-Account, PayPal would only sent an email to my actual PayPal Main-Account to notify me of a payment and never to my Sub-Account.

What the above shows – there are scammer reading my posts!!! Therefore, if anyone contacts you and claim that they are me, GenX, it’s 100% fake. FYI, because my Facebook Account is categorized as Community, I cannot Private Message you unless you initiate the contact, i.e. you Private Message me first. For the record, I do not have a personal Facebook Account – remember this.

And also FYI, don’t email me at genxgenygenz@hotmail as I never read the emails there.

So for you guys with PayPal accounts, please take note of the above and never click on any email claiming to be from PayPal asking you to log in via link(s) provided. Always open a new browser window and then go to PayPal website and log in from there. Always be kaisu when it comes to matters relating to your money. Click here to read my article Credit Card Tutorial 2018 on Fraud and SMS Alert.

Coming back to Ms. Hinata Shiro, well, she did call me back after I gave her my handphone number to reconfirm the meeting… and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello.

Ms. Shiro: Good day Gen X San, my name is Hinata from AEON Kredit again. How are you Gen X San? I am calling to reconfirm the appointment on 19th March 2016.

Me: Hi Hinata, I’m fine thank you. Why your boss want to see me, what’s his name again?

Ms. Shiro: Futagi San, he wants to thank you and on behalf of AEON Kredit and he wants to repay our gratitude to you by buying you dinner.

Me: Huh? I don’t understand.

Ms. Shiro: He will explain to you when both of you meet up as agreed on the 19th of March at Zipangu.

Me: Okay (still blur).

Ms. Shiro: Thank you Gen X San and see you soon. You have a pleasant day.

Me: You are Japanese right, why you speak like an American?

Ms Shiro: I studied in USA.

Me: Where, which Uni?

Ms. Shiro: GenX San, I went to Yale where I did my undergraduate in Business and then MBA there too.

Me: WOW! You must be really smart, why you PA to a GM?

Ms. Shiro: It’s because of our family history with AEON where all my family members are expected to serve AEON. And due to our corporate culture, everyone starts at entry level positions and work our way up via various departments to gain experience. I am honored that my HQ assigned me to Malaysia and to assist Futagi San.

Me: OIC. Okay, bye.

Ms. Shiro: See you at 8pm on 19th March. Good bye.

Now,  you may be wondering why I was so trusting to give out my handphone number to Hinata. Well, when she messaged me, the location of the meeting with her boss is at Zipangu Japanese restaurant, Shangri-la Hotel. As such, my instinct told me that the message must be real, moreover I do enjoy the food at Zipangu and got FREE dinner, sure lah I go…. worst come to worst, I buy dinner for myself, hahaha. You must try the Grilled Salmon Belly at Zipangu which goes really well with the garlic fried rice 🙂

Another reason why I believed that Hinata’s message and call was genuine was because I have worked with Japanese Executives while I was a Consulting Engineer and I tell you it was common to have dinner while we discuss our work.


The dinner was at 8pm on a Friday night, as you guys are fully aware, that’s the worst time of the week to be on the road. So, I went to KLCC at 4pm and watched Ola Bola. The movie brought back some fond memories as I did watch the actual game on TV where James Wong scored the goal that qualified Malaysia to the 1980 Olympic; and I was so proud of our national football team that day. Those were the good old days and some of the fantastic players that I still remembered are Santokh Singh, Soh Chin Aun, R. Arumugam, James Wong, Hassan Sani, Shukor Salleh and Jamal Nasir. Of course, the greatest footballer in Malaysia is none other than Mokhtar Dahari, he’s my favorite and I would be glued to the TV whenever there is a live telecast of him playing.

Anyway, after the movie, I hung around KLCC and headed to Shangri-la at about 7.15 pm and arrived at Zipangu 10 minutes before 8pm. To my surprise, Ms. Hinata was standing at the entrance. I could recognize her pretty face from her Facebook Profile, she was slim with shiny long black silky hair (as if she just came out from a hair salon) dressed in a black jacket, white blouse and knee length black skirt with 3 inch heels. I tell you, she was very fair and complexion was flawless (nowadays young girls are so freaking good with their make up skills to enhance their looks; but I believe Hinata’s skin is naturally flawless for her current age). Boy, I wouldn’t mind having her as my Personal Assistant, pretty, smart and courteous, hahaha.

I walked over to her and extended my hand and said: Hi Hinata, I am Gen X.

Instead of shaking my hand, Hinata bowed and then said: Nice to meet your acquaintance Gen X San.

So I bowed in return and said: Likewise.

To my surprise Hinata then bowed again?!! So I bowed back in return and she bowed again (this time lower than the first 2 times)?!! Then I remembered, it is customary of Juniors to return a bow lower than their Superiors. So, I stopped bowing and so did Hinata.

Hinata: May I show you to your table Gen X San? Futiga San is arriving soon.

Me: Sure (and in my mind – the Japanese are usually punctual for appointments unlike we Malaysians.)

Hinata lead me to a semi-private room and said: Please have a seat. Would you like to start by having a drink?

Me: It’s okay, I will wait for Futiga San.

I noted there were 3 settings on the table but Hinata remained standing up.

Me: Have a seat lah Hinata.

Hinata: Thank you Gen X San. My boss is arriving anytime.

It was 8pm sharp and two gentlemen with suits walked in and immediately Hinata bowed. I then stood up. Hinata introduced me to Akira Futiga San (like any middle aged, not fat but has a belly) and Kakashi Okadaya San (a slim and fit young man in his early thirties who looked like he went to the gym every day).

Unlike Hinata who bowed to me, Futiga San extended his hand and took my hand and gave it a firm handshake. Okadaya San on the other hand bowed and then shook my hand. Then it got me thinking, maybe Japanese women are not supposed to perform handshakes with men….

Futiga San sat opposite to me while Okadaya San sat beside me.

Hinata: Gen X San, You have a good evening.

Me: You not joining us?

Futiga San: Hinata had a long day and needs to go home to rest.

Me, understanding Futiga San’s message: OIC, good night then Hinata.

Hinata bowed and said: Good bye Gen X San.

She then bowed to Futiga San and Okadaya San while saying something in Japanese and left the room. And then immediately a waiter brought in a bottle of sake, a plate of Lobster Sashimi and some green cold soba. I was thinking in my head, Hinata is really good at her job in organizing stuff and how I wished I had a PA like her when I was still working.

Futiga San took his cup of sake and said: Gen X San, thank you for meeting us and I propose a toast for a long lasting business relationship.

Me (blur as to what he meant but all the same took my cup of sake and said): Yum Sing.

Futiga San: Yes, like the Chinese here says, Yum Sing. Kakashi, our Credit Card Manager,  will now brief you on what we believe is a very good joint venture partnership.

Okadaya San: We launched the Big Credit Card back in the third quarter of 2015 and as of January 2016, we have a total customer base of close to 55,000 cardholders. But in February 2016, our Data Analysis Department noted that there was a surge in people visiting our Big Card webpage and my department experienced a tremendous increase in AEON Kredit Big application, 12,655 applications to be exact. From our internal investigation, we have attributed the increase in interest in our card to your blog.

Click here to read my AEON BiG Gold & Classic Visa Credit Card Review which was published in February 2016.

Me ( in  shocked ): Okay. By the way, why you and Futiga San have American accent? You guys also studied in USA?

Futiga San: Yes, Kakashi did his undergraduate at UCLA Berkeley and I went to Princeton. Our company later sponsored both of us to pursue a MBA degree from Harvard. I also understand you graduated from USA with a Masters?

Me: Yes, I have a Masters in Engineering from a USA Uni and also my eldest son has a Masters Degree from an Ivy League Uni like you guys.

Futiga San: You graduated from which Uni?

Me: Shy to say lah.

Futiga San did not ask me to elaborate and nodded at Kakashi.

Okadaya San continued: Up to end of December 2015, we have spent hundreds of thousands of Ringgit promoting the Big Credit Card and we are quite happy with the results, or so we thought. You see, by you publishing a FREE review of the Big Card in February, our Big Credit Card base grew by more than 25% in a month! This shows that you are a force to be reckoned with in Malaysia and your GenX GenY GenZ website is among the the best Personal Finance blog in Malaysia.

Me: Thank you Sir for the kind word. I am honored and you just made my day perfect.

Okadaya San: It is us who should be thankful to you. Early this year we have set a target to increase our credit cardholder base in Malaysia to 1,000,000. Currently, we have a total of about 800,000 customers holding our credit cards. We have identified you as a potential business partner to grow our credit card base here in Malaysia.

Me: Oh, I have a question? Why did you guys stop issuing the AEON Kredit Watami Ramen Card?

 Okadaya San: You see, that card was a joint venture where the main purpose was to attract cardholders to patronize Watami Ramen. Instead, many people signed up for the card and enjoyed the 3% cash back and most never stepped into any of the Watami Ramen outlets. Like I said earlier, you are a force to be reckoned with when in comes to matters relating to maximizing credit cards; therefore, it’s also kind of your fault plus many at LYN that the Watami Ramen card had to be terminated!

Me: Hahaha, you give me too much credit Okadaya San. Actually all I do is share information that is easily available on the internet with my readers who are too busy or lazy to go do some homework, especially in respect to reading the terms and conditions of cards. Come to think of it, I am really stupid teaching and spoon feeding my readers for FREE on ways to earn extra Pocket Money, hahaha.

Futiga San: GenX San, it is true what Kakashi  just said about you being a force in Malaysia and I think you are doing a good thing to assist Malaysians to cope with the high cost of living today. Having said that, in December last year, while at a function organized by BNM, I shared a table with a Maybank Executive and we discussed about our credit card business. The Datuk (the Maybank Exec) mentioned your blog has incurred them substantial loses where you have taught your readers on how to maximize the returns with their credit cards on ESSENTIAL expenses and how to earn Airmiles to fly Business Class for FREE. And the worst part is you keep repeating that everyone should settle their Outstanding Balance prior to the Due Date in order not to be imposed interest; so we (card issuers) are not making money from our credit cards. As such Maybank had no choice but to revise their Treats Points program recently.

 Me: WOW! I am a force to be reckoned with, I guess.

Futiga San: That is why we are of the opinion that you are the best person in Malaysia to promote our first Platinum credit card in Malaysia which is specifically designed to enticed the cardholder to shop at our AEON stores nationwide where they will be entitled to 5% cash back everyday. The retail and supermarket business environment is really tough nowadays, therefore, we hope with our new Platinum credit card and with the assistance from you, we are able to attract more customers to our outlets.

Futiga San then nodded at Kakashi.

Kakashi then took out a sheet of paper and handed it over to me.

Okadaya San: We have studied your Ultimate Showdown Methodology to determine the Best Credit Card in Malaysia and we are happy to present to you our proposed first Platinum Visa Credit Card in Malaysia which we believe you will rank it higher than your current No.1 Best Credit Card, the Maybank 2 Cards Premier.

In order that you can understand the subsequent discussions, below is the sheet of paper which Kakashi gave me (I have scanned to post here and click here to enlarge it if necessary):

AEON Plat Proposal

Okadaya San: As you can observe, we have designed a new Platinum credit card that has more STARS than the Maybank 2 Cards Premier. Our new Platinum card is scheduled to be launched in the second quarter of this year. We, would appreciate if you could kindly introduce this said Platinum card to your readers for a period of 9 months (until end 2016)  and re-evaluate your Top 10 Credit Card Ultimate Showdown and bestow the title of The No.1 Best Credit Card in Malaysia to our new AEON Kredit Platinum Credit Card. And for your services rendered, you will be compensated accordingly.

Okadaya San then handed over another piece of paper to me which detailed the payment terms, which are:

  • Monthly payment of RM2K payable at end of each calendar month subjected that I promote the AEON Kredit Platinum every month at starting April and until end December 2016.
  • A one time payment of RM10K when I award the AEON Kredit Platinum the No.1 Best Credit Card in Malaysia.

FREE money, sure lah I want!!! I guess I have been earning lots of positive karma points for publishing FREE articles to assist all Malaysians to earn some pocket money and and my Gods (I’m a Taoist) are rewarding me for my FREE charity contribution to the community.  I was so freaking happy that I immediately agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

Me: I’m am more than glad to assist your company to achieve the set target. I have one question – why are you terminating existing Gold card for those who upgrade to Platinum?

Okadaya San with a big smile: We have learned from your RHB Credit Card Review (click here to read it) where you recommended to your readers to apply for both the World MasterCard and Visa Signature to have more FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges.

Me: Hahaha.

Okadaya San: The FREE access to airport lounges do cost us several hundreds of  thousands a year BUT we would like to reward our cardholders and ensure that they remain loyal to us.

Me: Yes, many credit cards nowadays do not grant FREE access to airport lounges. Owning your credit card(s) is rewarding and I really like your auto annual fee waiver mechanism with 12 swipes a year and not like stupid UOB’s minimum 1 swipe per month.

Okadaya San then handed the four sets of Agreements for me to sign and to fill in my personal details. I quickly glanced through the documents and signed it on the spot. I handed over the duly signed documents to Kakashi and he returned a duplicate copy to me for my safe keeping.

Futiga San then stood up and extended his hand: Congratulations Gen X San and we hope this is the start of a fruitful partnership.

Me: Thank you, thank you Futiga San. I am really really honored and appreciate what you have done for me.

Futiga San: Arigato gozimasu.

Okadaya San: Gen X San, can I have your NRIC to make a copy for our records.

I gave Kakashi my NRIC and expected him to go to the hotel Business Centre to make a copy. But no, all Kakashi did was use his smartphone and took photos of my IC on the table itself and then returned my IC to me!!!

Okadaya San: GenX San, Hinata will email the necessary materials for you to start on the project tomorrow. Should you need further assistance, you may call me or Hinata anytime, and I mean anytime even late at night as we are all on standby 24/7.

Me: Okay, thank you very much Okadaya San.

Futiga San: Business is done, let’s enjoy the night, here have more sake.

The dinner ended at around 10pm. And being a former CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of my ex-boss Public Listed Companies, I insisted that both Akira and Kakashi to joint me at a nearby karaoke lounge/club to celebrate my new found FREE money. Initially they declined but I keep pestering and finally Futiga San agreed to give me some face and accepted my invitation. But I tell you, the Japanese are really disciplined people, exactly at midnight, Futiga San asked to be excused and I continuing celebrating (with 3 other guest relationship offices that I have booked) until early in the morning, hahaha.

Click here to read my Online Profile where I did list out my previous work experience.


The following Monday, I received an email from Hinata where she attached all the relevant materials necessary for me to promote the AEON Kredit Platinum. But to my surprise and I was elated when I read the following (copy and paste):

Dear GenX San,

My colleagues and I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as our new business partner. We here at AEON Kredit (M) Co. Ltd. take great pride in working with all our business associates to ensure success of our projects.

You will find the materials, i.e. graphics, links and html codes, required for you to implement our joint project successfully at your blog.

On behalf of Futiga San, it is my pleasure to inform you that our Top Management in Chiba, Japan has agreed with Futiga San’s recommendation to issue a Limited Time Special Edition Platinum credit card to commemorate the start of our business relationship and to recognize your influence in the credit card industry in Malaysia.

And for the benefit of your readers, the card is FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions. However, it is imperative that your readers apply for the card before the end of April 2016.

I am happy to inform you that you have the options to add up to “3 logos” to your liking to the above mentioned Special Limited Edition Platinum credit card. Of course the final approval of this said card incorporating your chosen logos is subjected to our HQ approval. Please revert to us within 3 days with the logo(s) you wish to be incorporated into the Special Edition card so that we can obtain approval from our HQ in Chiba, Japan soonest possible.

AEON Kredit Platinum Visa Logo Option

The above mentioned Special Limited Edition Platinum credit card application form must be downloaded via a link from your blog at The reason for this is so that our Data Department can track/monitor referrals from you and also for us to have a survey of your readers profiles. If an overwhelming number of your readers apply for the card, we can then propose to our HQ that we have more future projects together.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kakashi Okadaya San or  myself should you require further clarifications.

Warmest regards on behalf of AEON Kredit (M) Co. Ltd,

Hinata Shiro

Executive and Personal Assistant to General Manager AEON Kredit (M) Co. Ltd.
Main Corporate  Line: +6037288818
Direct Line: +6037288813
LinkedIn: Hinata (Hyuga) Shiro


WOW! AEON Kredit is really nice to me and I can’t thank them enough for recognizing my contribution to all credit card users. And best of all, they are willing to pay for my FREE work!!! You guys know that I am unbiased when it comes to credit card recommendations and I would have ranked the soon to be launched AEON Kredit Platinum Card as the No.1 card in Malaysia simply based on the benefits that come with it without them paying me a single sen.

After I got the materials from Hinata on Monday, I spend the last 3 days drafting this article and implementing the marketing materials into my blog. As you can see, my header now mentions  AEON Kredit.

Once again, here are the benefits of the AEON Kredit Platinum Visa Credit Cards (to be officially launched on the first day of the second quarter of 2016):

Annual Income Requirement: RM36K only!!! Same as their Gold Cards!!!

Annual Fee: RM381.60 included 6% GST. Maximum up to 4 FREE Supplementary Cards. Not applicable for Special Edition Limited Time AEON-GenX GenY GenZ Visa Platinum (you must email the application form to AEON Kredit on or before 30th April 2016).

Annual Fee Waiver: Waived with 12 swipes per year and any AEON stores including AEON BiG.  Please take note of this condition!!! All other transactions outside AEON including Petrol will not be counted as swipes towards annual fee waiver. Not applicable for the FREE FOR LIFE no conditions whatsoever Special Edition Limited Time AEON-GenX GenY GenZ Visa Platinum.

Cash Back for Petrol: 5% cash back at ALL Petrol stations EVERYDAY. Monthly cash back capped at RM50 (separate from other categories).

Cash Back at AEON stores: 5% cash back at AEON Departmental and Supermarket including AEON BiG EVERYDAY. Monthly cash back capped at RM50 (separate from other categories).

Cash Back for Overseas Spending: 2% UNLIMITED Cash Back including Online Transactions.

Cash Back for Local Online Spending: 2% cash back EVERYDAY. Monthly cash back capped at RM50 (separate from other categories).

Cash Back for ALL other retail transactions: UNLIMITED 0.5% Cash Back. Not bad I guess.

FREE Access to Airport Lounges with Priority Pass Membership Card: 8X FREE (combined) access to Plaza Premium Lounges nationwide and overseas for Principal cardholder only. Supplementary cards are not entitled to the Priority Pass Membership Card BUT are entitled to separate 8X FREE Entries for local Plaza Premium Lounges only.

0% Balance Transfer Plan: 6 months 0% BT – click here to my Balance Transfer Plan Tutorial to learn more.

Golf Privileges: Complimentary Green Fees for Principal cardholder only at more than 20 Golf Clubs.

Purchase Protection Plan: Up to RM5K for accidental damage and theft.

As you can observe, you get 5% cash back every day at AEON stores, the purpose of the card is to ensure that you shop at AEON and not at their competitors. And by doing so, AEON Kredit will reward you 8X FREE access to airport lounges and cash back for Petrol.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank AEON Kredit for recognizing me as a force in Malaysia’s Credit Card Industry and that they value my Methodology used in my Ultimate Credit Card Showdown. 

I will be flying off to Melbourne soon and when I return, I shall present to you my Exclusive Credit Card Showdown 2016 – Episode IV and you guys know lah  what will be my new No.1 Best Credit Card in Malaysia, hahaha. I think I will create a new award and bestow the title of the ULTIMATE CREDIT CARD in Malaysia to AEON-GenXGenYGenZ Visa Platinum – I’m not being biased and I believe every one of you will agree with me.

Without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to present to you on how you can apply for my Limited Time FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions Special Edition AEON Kredit GenX GenY GenZ Platinum Visa. I seek your patience and in a matter of days, you can start downloading the application form for the AEON Kredit GenX Visa Platinum by clicking on the image below (you’ll be directed to AEON’s website) immediately past 23 Hours 59 Minutes and 59 Seconds on 31st March 2016 (IT IS IMPERATIVE that you please follow this said instruction in respect to the timing), and make sure you email the application form to the correct address. In the event you are impatient and you click on the  image below on or before 31st March 2016, the link may not work. Also please note AEON Kredit Data Department may install cookies in your PC. Do you like the 3 logos I have chosen? Of course I added my own logo GenX GenY GenZ so that I can brag that I have my own credit card brand, hehehe. The second logo is patience and the third logo is the Konohagakure symbol (Village Hidden by Tree Leaves where Naruto resides). Edited/Added 3rd April 2016 – Please click the image below to complete your experience of reading this ARTicle.

END – Thank you for reading 🙂

Edited*** Below contents are no longer applicable in 2018


As most of you are aware by now, recently we had a series of bad news relating to credit cards. Maybank will be revising their Treats Points Program where all their Gold and Platinum Visa and MasterCard credit cards will no longer earn the cardholder any points for Insurance Premium, Utilit Bills, Education and Government related transactions. Click here to read the Bad News on Maybank Treats Points Effective 15 April 2016.

Maybank has also terminated/downgraded their Visa Signature and Visa Infinite FREE Airport Lounge access and now many of you are looking for alternatively cards that grant you FREE entries to Plaza Premium Lounges.

AEON has terminated their AEON Watami Visa Classic credit card which reward the cardholder 3% cash back and AEON will convert all existing AEON Watami to another one of their credit cards!!

But not to be despair because you have me. And if you believe in me and continue reading the contents below, a miracle shall fall upon you and you shall be immensely rewarded 🙂

I am going to share with you what one of my closest iFriend, Mr. Jerie Lim, who constantly “Like” my FB postings for years, selflessly commented at my Facebook Page recently:

  1. We can pay AEON Credit Card bills online via
  2. Mr. Jerie Lim has successfully paid his AEON credit bill online via PosOnline using his credit card!!!

Below is an image extracted from PosOnline which clearly states that AEON Credit Card is on their Payees List:

Pay Credit Card Bill Online with Credit Card

And now I am going to reward you further for reading this article and it’s my way of thanking you for supporting and believing in me.

With us being able to pay AEON credit card bills with another credit card, it means that we now have the potential to earn 1% to 4% cash back for ANY TYPE OF TRANSACTIONS!!! Yes, any type of transactions including Insurance Premiums, Education, Utilities and maybe even Government related transactions. It’s a miracle!

Get ready for probably the most valuable lesson you will ever learn about credit cards from yours truly:

Step 1 – Go get an AEON Credit Service credit card. Click here to read my review of the AEON BiG Visa Credit Card where you can earn up to “15%” cash back!!!

Step 2 – Use your AEON Credit Service credit card to pay for transactions not related to Petrol or Groceries or transactions that will earn you meaningful returns.

The following are examples where you should not use your AEON Credit Cards as other credit cards will give you more in returns:

For Petrol and Groceries, use the Maybank Islamic Ikhwan MasterCard (click here to read my review) and earn 5% cash back. Click here to read my article titled The Best Credit Cards for Petrol for more credit cards to use for Petrol.

For dining on weekends, use the Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum for Dining and earn 5% cash back.

For transactions that will earn you 10% cash back with the Hong Leong Bank WISE Visa credit card (click here to read my tutorial on the HLB WISE Visa credit card and learn why you should not get the Platinum).

For Enrich Miles and KrisFlyer Miles, use your Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve whenever possible (not related to  Insurance, Utilities, Local Tuition Fees, Government and Petrol) and earn yourself 1 Enrich Mile or KrisFlyer Mile with every RM0.954 spent locally or overseas!

Step 3 – Pay your AEON Credit Card bills (which you have used to pay for transactions that earn you miserable returns with other credit cards – e.g. Insurance Premiums and Utility Bills with Maybank Visa or MasterCard) via PosOnline with the right credit card (see the list of cards in Step 4 below) to optimize your returns.

Edited/Update – after I published this article/tutorial:

(1) Mr. Lou Jyh Haur commented at my Facebook Page that PosOnline imposes 2% Fee. Therefore I have edited below contents and deleted OCBC Blue/Pink and Alliance Bank You:nique from the list.

(2) Mr. Jerie Lim also further commented that his UOB VOX gives him 5% cash back for Online Transactions but he can only verify if the transaction with PosOnline earns him 5% cash back when his next UOB VOX Statement is generated. I have added the UOB VOX to the list of cards that may benefit you.

Step 4 – Credit cards that may optimize your returns when use to pay your AEON Credit Service Credit Card bills online via PosOnline:

  1. CIMB Cash Rebate MasterCard FREE FOR LIFE – where you can earn 5% cash back with Online Transactions. Monthly cash back capped at RM30 for online or good for up to RM600 online spending. Effective cash back = 5% – PosOnline Fee 2% = approximately 3%.
  2. UOB VOX – monthly fee of RM6 waived with minimum 1 swipe per month. This card earns you 5% cash back from Online Transactions. Effective cash back = 5% – PosOnline Fee 2% = approximately 3%. HOWEVER if you visit UOB website, it is stated that the 5% cash back excludes insurance, government utilities & bill payments! So there is a strong possibility you won’t earn 5% cash back with the VOX.
  3. Public Bank Visa Signature (FREE FOR LIFE with minimum 12 swipes per year) –  you can earn 6% cash back with Online Transactions. Monthly cash back capped at RM50 or good for up to RM833 spending. Effective cash back = 6% – PosOnline Fee 2% = approximately 4%.
  4. And maybe even the RHB Visa Signature  FREE FOR LIFE – where you can earn cash back from Online Transactions BUT I don’t know how the cash back works so you have to go figure it out yourself, hahaha. Click here to read my review of the RHB World MasterCard, Visa Infinite and Visa Signature.

By using the right cash back credit card to pay your  AEON credit card bills online via PosOnline, it’s like you’ll be getting cash back from endless categories!!! You no longer need to care if your non-AEON credit card earns you reward points or cash back for a particular category (e.g. Insurance Premiums or Utility Bills) but simply use the an AEON credit card and then use the cash back credit cards which I listed above 🙂

And by you using an AEON credit card, you get to earn AEON Reward Points (or even cash back) at the same time too. This means you are not only optimizing but maximizing your returns when you combine an AEON Credit Card with another credit card to pay the AEON biils!

Best of all, many of the AEON Credit Service Gold credit cards grant you 6X FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges at KLIA and KLIA2. So add this said 6X FREE access with an AEON Gold credit card to say Maybank Visa Infinite 5X FREE access, you will have a total of 11 FREE access to PPL!!!

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