The Best Credit Cards for Overseas Transactions 2016 – Maybank & UOB Visa Infinite versus AmBank & CIMB World MasterCard

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The Best Credit Cards Overseas Visa Infinite versus MasterCard plus Teacups

Update April 2017 –  The Best Credit Card for Overseas Transactions in 2017.

RHB Bank Premier Banking FREE FOR LIFE no conditions whatsoever Visa Infinite is freaking excellent for OVERSEAS spending (8X Reward Points). This card is currently The Best Credit Card for Overseas Transactions if you are into Enrich Miles. You are also entitled to minimum 10X FREE entries to all Plaza Premium Lounges nationwide plus 5 overseas. Click here to my updated article titled The Best Credit Card in Malaysia 2017 to learn more.

Update 24 April 2016 – Added transactions with Maybank & UOB Visa Infinite, CIMB World MasterCard and Maybank AMEX Reserve


Over the years I have presented to you guys many comparisons of overseas transactions’ conversion rates with my credit cards. A little more than a couple of years back, at my Generations X Y Z blogspot, I showed you guys that the Maybank Visa Infinite overseas conversion rate was lower/better than my UOB Visa Infinite and Alliance Bank Visa Infinite. Since then I have only been using my Maybank Visa Infinite for my overseas transactions and even terminated my UOB Visa Infinite P in mid 2015 because I needed to spend RM50K to get the annual fee auto waived.

If you are one of my regular readers, you will know that the Maybank 2 Cards Premier, i.e. Maybank Visa Infinite and Maybank AMEX Reserve Combo, are the best credit cards issued by a Malaysian Financial Institution as far as accumulating Enrich Miles is concerned. This is because we earn 5X Treats Points for every RM1 spent overseas with the Maybank Visa Infinite/Maybank AMEX Reserve. And the conversion rate from TP to EM is 4770 TP = 1000 EM; this means, we earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent overseas!!! No other card in the world can offer you this freaking good returns.

From my previous articles, many of you have been taught that we get the best returns (more than 10% cash back equivalent) from our credit card usage when we redeem for Business Class tickets. That is if you hold the right credit card(s). If you are new to my blog, for your own benefit, I strongly recommend that you read the articles below and you too can earn more than 10% equivalent cash back from your credit cards transactions:

Bragging Rights Europe 2016 Business Class Honda Limited EditionA Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That – Volume II, Chapter 1. Among other things I will show you how I earned FREE money equivalent to RM70,464,50 cash. Three of my children, my wife and I are flying on Business Class return KL/London this coming June/July all thanks Maybank. You will also be taught various ways to fly Business Class for FREE.

Best Credit Cards for Frequent Flyer MilesComprehensive Review of The Best Credit Cards for Redeeming Frequent Flyer Miles – Enrich Miles and KrisFlyer Miles. In this article I prepared tables showing you the best credit cards for local and overseas transactions to earn Enrich Miles and Kris Flyer Miles too. The info in this article are still applicable except for CIMB Enrich World MasterCard where they recently revised the Enrich Miles program. To learn more about CIMB Enrich (Elite too) World MasterCard, click here to read my Review.

And we now can use our Enrich Miles to redeem Emirates Business Class air tickets to Europe and America 🙂 However, you can’t redeem Emirates First Class tickets using Enrich Miles. To redeem Emirates Economy and Business Class tickets using Enrich Miles, you need to call Enrich Customer Service because you can’t do it online unlike redeeming for Malaysia Airlines Berhad’s tickets and get minimum 15% discount.

Enrich Miles Emirates

Effective March 2016, Maybank has revoked the Maybank Visa Infinite Priority Pass Membership Card but the 5X FREE access to local Plaza Premium Lounges was maintained for the Principle cardholder only (previously Supplementary cards were also given the privilege to enter our local PPL for FREE). Therefore, this means my children won’t be able to enter our local PPL for FREE. My wife still has her own cards that allow her to enter the PPL at KLIA and KLIA2. Actually, my children would be happy to know that I can no longer “force” them to go to the PPL KLIA2 as they hate the food there, hahaha. My children prefer to burn my money at Nanny’s Pavilion which serves pretty good food near to the PPL at KLIA 2 Mezzanine Floor.

Somehow, I am truly blessed and miracles always fall on my lap when it comes to credit card benefits. You see, effective 1st January 2016, UOB revised their auto annual fee waiver mechanism for their UOB Visa Infinite P whereby the card user only needs to transact with the card minimum once a month (i.e. minimum 1 time every month and NOT 12 times a year). Therefore, sometime back in February 2016, I went and reapplied for the UOB Visa Infinite P. The reason I reapplied for the UOB VI P was because it comes with a Priority Pass Membership Card that grants 6X Free Entries to Airport Lounges Worldwide.

The standard UOB Visa Infinite only grants the cardholders 4X Free access to local Plaza Premium Lounges and as of April 2016, the cardholder still needs to spend RM50K to have the annual fee waived unlike the uOB VI P.

According to UOB’s website, the Visa Infinite P is by “invitation” only. Generally, in order to apply for the UOB Visa Infinite P, you need to have UOB’s Privilege Banking status plus a certain amount of Assets Under Management (AUM) with UOB. When the UOB VI P was first launched, the AUM required to be eligible for the card was RM1M. However, I’m not sure of the current eligibility. When I reapplied for the UOB VI P, I did not bother to ask what are the latest requirements to qualify for the UOB VI P. I just simply went to UOB to see my Relationship Manager and she asked me to sign on the application form and she filled in the rest.

So today, I’m still blessed to have a Priority Pass Membership Card (from UOB VI P) that grants me FREE access to airport lounges worldwide and I do not need to spend RMX amount a year for the annual fee to be waived.

I still hold the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite issued via Privilege Banking; as such, the annual fee is perpetually waived. However, effective this year, in order to be eligible for FREE access to airport lounges, I need to spend RM150K with the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite. From my years holding Alliance Bank Visa credit cards (starting from their Platinum), I have found their overseas conversion fee to be amongst the highest, Therefore, I hardly ever use my Alliance VI; moreover, it does not make sense to use it since I will earn less Enrich Miles compared to my Maybank Visa Infinite.

Another credit card that one should consider for overseas transactions is the AmBank World MasterCard. However, this card is useless for overseas internet transactions.

The AmBank credit cards are useless to me as majority of my credit card reward points are earned via online transactions:

  1. My children’s tuition fees in Australia (Uni & High School) – I will use my Maybank  Visa Infinite and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent on their tuition fees.
  2. Paying for AirAsia and Malaysia Airline Berhad air tickets using my Maybank AMEX Reserve in Ringgit Malaysia and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent on air tickets.
  3. Paying for other international airlines tickets, e.g. United Airline and Air France, using my Maybank Visa Infinite and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent.
  4. All bills related to my apartment in Melbourne, i.e. Body Corporate, Electricity, Water& Sewerage and Taxes, are paid online and I will use my Maybank  Visa Infinite and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent.
  5. Overseas hotels mostly through Agoda paid in Ringgit Malaysia where I will use my Maybank AMEX Reserve and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent. Click here to read my article titled Booking Hotel Rooms – Agoda Maybank vs Expedia so that you won’t be fooled by Expedia who advertise lower rates compared to Agoda.

Maybank Treats Points Revision 2016Before I proceed any further, I have to highlight to you that effective April 15 2016, Maybank has revised their Treats Points program where you will no longer or earn miserable reward points from transactions relating to Utilities, Insurance, Government, Petrol and Education. However, I have good news for you, for overseas transactions, i.e. foreign currency other than Ringgit Malaysia, we are still entitled to 5X Treats Points for transactions relating to Education and Utilities. Click here to read my article titled Bad News – Revision To Maybank Treats Points April 2016.

I have been in Melbourne for the last 3 weeks and this gave me the opportunity to use and compare my credit cards’ overseas conversion rate for your benefit and mine. For this article, I will compare my Australia transactions with my Maybank Visa Infinite, UOB Visa Infinite and CIMB World MasterCard.


So how are exchange rates calculated? According to Visa Malaysia (image below), the exact date you are charged for your transaction is on the day it is posted, which may be later than the day you made the transaction.

Visa International Currency Conversion

If you click on the Visa Malaysia link in the paragraph above, you would see the exact same contents as the image above. And if you click on “CLICK HERE TO ACCESS OUR CURRENCY CONVERTER” in Visa Malaysia’s webpage, I bet you won’t be able to find the currency calculator tool, hahaha.

But you are so damn lucky to have me to do all the donkey work for you, click the links below to Visa International and MasterCard Global Currency Converter Tool:

Visa International Currency Exchange Tool

MasterCard Global Currency Exchange Tool

So once again, the exchange rate you will be charged depends entirely on the day your overseas transactions are posted.

Below is a table which I have prepared to show you some of my transactions for the last 3 weeks using my Maybank Visa Infinite & UOB Visa Infinite versus Visa International Exchange Rate and CIMB World MasterCard versus MasterCard Global Exchange Rate.

Best Credit Card Overseas Update 1

From the table above, you can observe that Maybank Visa Infinite conversion rate is about 2.25% on top of Visa International’s exchange rate.

Now, look at items 3, 4, 5 and 6 where I have used both the Maybank Visa Infinite and UOB Visa Infinite on 29th March. My Maybank VI transactions were posted the next day but the UOB transactions two and three days later. But what is interesting here is that, the UOB transaction that was posted on 31 March had a conversion rate of 2.06% higher than Visa International exchange rate, BUT the UOB transaction that was posted on 1 April had a conversion rate of 3.49% higher!

Now go see items 8 & 9 and you’ll observe that the UOB transactions were 2.64% and 2.65% higher than Visa International exchange rate.


If you refer to item 15 & 16, you will note that the transacted amount for both the Maybank and UOB cards are the same and on the exact date BUT the UOB conversion rate ended up lower! Since this is my blog, it is only fitting that I tell you why this is the case, hahaha.

The story goes like this, my wife was collecting Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante Tea Set Collection where she wanted to mix and match the tea cups. She had already purchased several tea cups (2 red and 2 yellow) for less than AUD10 each,  and a teapot (blue) for less than AUD25 plus other related items like cake stands, sugar & cream jars, etc online via Myer Online the day before (15 April 2016) as they were having 50% sale. However, Myer Online Store was out of stock for the pink and blue teacups. So on 15 April morning, she dropped by Myer Store in Melbourne CBD (5 minutes walk from my apartment) and one of Myer’s staff checked their system and it showed that the Myer Store at Highpoint Shopping may have the pink and blue tea cups. So, I offered to drive my wife to Highpoint Shopping Centre which is about 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD, and at the same time have lunch there.

But when we were at Myer Highpoint, all the Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante series tea cups were sold out! But the Myer staff casually informed my wife that Harris Scarfe store in the same shopping centre was also offering a discount for Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante Tea Set. So we headed over to Harris Scarfe and they did have the pink and blue tea cups BUT they come in a dinner set of 20 pieces (4 tea cups, 4 saucers, 4 side plates, 4 bowls and 4 dinner plates) and it was selling for AUD79.95 which is 60% discount from the original retail price of AUD199. It was a really good bargain considering the fact that each tea up would cost about AUD17.95 if it was not on sale. So my wife decided to purchase the 20 pieces Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante Gabrielle (pink) set and I used my Maybank Visa Infinite to pay for it. We then headed to Roti Road at the Food Court for Nasi Lemak and Satay for our lunch.

Roti Road

While having lunch, I told my wife that the 20 piece Dinner Set she just bought was a damn good deal and told her that she should go get another set because then we would have 8 dinner plates instead of just four. My wife without hesitating immediately agreed with me. So after lunch, we headed back to Harris Scrafe and bought another 20 piece dinner set of the Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante but his time the Jacqueline (blue) series and luckily I remembered to use my UOB Visa Infinite so that I can compare the exchange rate with my Maybank Visa Infinite for your benefit.

Once again, please refer to items 15 and 16 again, the Maybank and UOB VI posting dates are 16 April (Saturday) and 17 April (Sunday) respectively as both these days have the same Visa International Exchange Rate since market closes on Friday and the rate should remain the same until the next Monday (18 April 2016) when the world’s financial markets reopen. However, what is interesting is that I ended up paying less using my UOB Visa Infinite compared to my Maybank Visa Infinite for the same stuff bought on the same day!!!

Maxwell Williams Cashmere Dinnerware

Hahaha, now I am learning about Tea Sets and a few days ago, my wife and I visited Myer CBD again and this time I walked around the dinnerware section to check it out in detail and I came across a Royal Albert tea set which I kind of like as it was kind of regal looking with navy blue, gold inserts and gold trimmings (Royal Albert 100 Years Teaware – Teacup Saucer Plate 1900).

Royal Albert 100 Years Teaware Teacup Saucer Plate 1900

I told my wife she should have gotten the regal looking Royal Albert tea sets instead of the Maxwell & Williams. My wife then told me that she has always wanted a Royal Albert Tea Set Collection but she didn’t dare buy them as they were very costly. And not to say that she cannot afford to pay for them. You see, my wife’s total credit cards (her own Principal cards plus my Supp cards) combined credit limits total to more than RM0.3M (AUD100K). It’s more like she is damn “kedekut” to use her own money (use her own debit cards or credit cards) to purchase the Royal Albert sets but instead use my Supp cards to purchase Corelle sets which are really cheap in Australia and as such I would not make a fuss when the amount shows up in my credit card statements, hahaha. Like I have mentioned before, my darling wife does not complain but will suffer in silence. However, since I have opened my big mouth, she said that from now on, she will slowly collect Royal Albert tea cups instead of going shopping for clothes or shoes (I was like in my head going WTF does she want so many pairs of shoes for, haha)! She then added that a set of 8 Royal Albert tea cups (when there’s a 50% sale) would cost less than what I usually spend at my favorite Chinese restaurant in Melbourne over dinner when I ordered both lobster and coral trout! As the saying goes –  happy wife happy life, so I guess I better let my wife go burn my money on a Royal Albert Tea Set that she has always wanted – only if it’s on sale, hahaha.

Anyway, below is part of my wife’s current Maxwell & Williams dinnerware. The yellow and red teacups which she ordered via Myer online have yet to be delivered (as of date of this posting, she has yet to received her complete order but received a package yesterday and 3 packages this morning). Maybe I will post her complete Maxwell & Williams set  in the further.

Maxwell and Williams Teaset Dinnerware

And if you love food, check out my article below where I played a wannabe international food blogger:

GenX Chiak Bui LiowClick here to read my article titled Chiak Bui Liow – GenX Recommended Must Try Food in Malaysia, Melbourne, London, Paris and Macau.


Please refer to items 13 and 14 in the table (the same table from an earlier paragraph is presented again below for your easy reference):

Best Credit Card Overseas Update 1

As you can see, I used both my Maybank Visa Infinite and CIMB World MasterCard on 13 April and both transactions were also posted on 14 April 2016. If you were to go to the Visa International/MasterCard Currency Calculator Tool column, you will note that MasterCard Global Exchange Rate (2.988688) is LOWER than Visa International Exchange Rate (2.997465).

But more importantly, CIMB World MasterCard conversion rate is LESS THAN 1% on top of MasterCard Global Exchange Rate where as Maybank Visa Infinite imposes 2.26% over Visa International Exchange Rate.

From the above two said paragraphs, it can be concluded that, in terms of saving money, my CIMB World MasterCard is a better card to use overseas versus my Maybank Visa Infinite. (Note: I cannot confirm if CIMB Enrich World MasterCard would give you a lower overseas conversion rate versus Maybank Visa Infinite as I don’t have a CIMB Enrich World MasterCard).

Assuming both Visa International and MasterCard Global exchange rates are the same, it means we can save about 1.5% when we use our CIMB World MasterCard instead of using Maybank Visa Infinite.

  • For example, if you are going to transact RM90K, you would save approximately RM1,350 by using the CIMB World MasterCard versus the Maybank Visa Infinite.

However, if you are accumulating Enrich Miles, the Maybank Visa Infinite is far more superior than the FREE FOR LIFE CIMB World MasterCard.

I have shown you guys, many times in my previous articles, the calculations as to how I have concluded that the Maybank Visa Infinite earns you 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent overseas.

As for the CIMB World MasterCard, l shall now show you how much we need to spend overseas to earn 1 Enrich Mile.

  1. For every RM1 spent overseas, we earn 2X Bonus Points.
  2. In order to redeem 1000 Enrich Miles, we need 6000 Bonus Points.

Based on the above two criteria, we will earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM3 spend overseas with the CIMB World MasterCard.

So, if you spent RM90K with the Maybank Visa Infinite and CIMB World MasterCard, you would earn yourself 94,ooo Enrich Miles and 30,000 Enrich Miles respectively.

  • In order to redeem a FREE return Business Class KL/Melbourne worth RM9K (after deducting taxes), we would need 93,500 Enrich Miles. Once again, click here and read my article titled A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That – Volume II, Chapter 1 to learn more on how you can fly Business Class for FREE.
  • Therefore, if you spend RM90K with the Maybank Visa Infinite you would have earned yourself a FREE return Business Class ticket KL/Melbourne which is like getting RM9K cash back equivalent (that’s like 10% cash back).
  • If you spend RM90K overseas with the CIMB World MasterCard, you do save approximately RM1.35K in conversion rate BUT you only earn 30K Enrich Miles. Well 30,000 Enrich Miles is about 1/3 of 93,500 Enrich Miles to redeem for a FREE return Business Class ticket KL/Melbourne, therefore, I can also say that it is worth about RM3K. So in total, if you spend RM90K with the CIMB Enrich World MasterCard, you can save RM1.35K plus earn RM3K worth of  Enrich Miles = RM4.35K (in reality you cannot add this up as one is a saving and the other is a reward).

From the above, if you want to fly Business Class for FREE sooner, would you rather spend RM90K with the Maybank Visa Infinite and earn yourself RM9K equivalent cash back or CIMB World MasterCard RM4.35K (RM1.35K savings + RM3K equivalent cash back)?

If you are not into accumulating Enrich Miles or other airlines’ Frequent Flyer Miles, it is a no brainer that you should avoid using the Maybank Visa Infinite and UOB Visa Infinite even though you earn 5X reward points from your overseas transactions.


Once again, please refer to items 17 & 18 of the table where I used both the CIMB World MasterCard and UOB Visa Infinite to purchase 2 boxes of cigarettes (different brand and that is why the transactions have different amount) at Woolworths minutes apart:

Best Credit Card Overseas Update 1

These 2 transactions are kind of interesting. From item 17, you can observe that my UOB  UOB Visa Infinite’s conversion rate was higher by only 1.58% versus Visa International Conversion Rate(for Posting Date 22 Apr). AS for the CIMB World MasterCard, it was 2.28% higher than MasterCard Global Forex Rate!!!

Having said the above, please note that even though both the transactions were made on the same day, the Posting Dates were different. And once again, my CIMB World MasterCard gave me a lower conversion rate for transaction made on the same day with the UOB Visa Infinite.


Please refer to items 19 and 20 in the table. After I published this article, I did go and use both my Maybank Visa Infinite  and AMEX Reserve on the same day minutes apart. To my surprise, the Maybank AMEX RESERVE gave me a lower/better conversion rate versus the Maybank Visa Infinite!!!.

When I first got the Maybank 2 CArds Premier, initially my AMEX Reserve gave me a better conversion but later on I found the Visa Infinite to be more competitive. Based on items 19 and 20 above, I now cannot conclude if it is better to use the AMEX Reserve or Visa Infinite when I am overseas.


Once again, refer to items 15 & 16 in the table I have prepared comparing my overseas transactions. Both the transactions were done on a Friday (15 April 2016) and it was posted on Maybank and UOB system on Saturday (16 April) and Sunday (17 April) respectively.

The financial markets close on Friday, this means the exchange rate for Saturdays and Sundays are based on the closing rate on Friday. That is why you will note that the Visa International Exchange Rate for both 16 and 17 April are the same, i.e. AUD/MYR 3.030378

The following image shows Money Master’s AUD/MYR exchange rate @ 3.03 on 17 April 2016 (Sunday). Once again, they would have based their exchange rates on the last spot rates on Friday when the market closed. Money Master is one of the many money changers in Mid Valley but they have an online page where you can check their rates (go google it).

Money Master Money Changer Mid Valley

In respect of the above mentioned paragraph, I can say that Money Master’s AUD/MYR on 17 April 2016 is slightly lower than Visa International and should be approximately the same as MasterCard Global. But all our credit cards impose an Admin Fee for overseas transactions. Therefore, we would end up paying more (1% to 4%) compared to Visa and MasterCard rates.

Now, if you were to go to the bank to transfer funds overseas via TT (or buy a bank draft in foreign currency), you would most probably get lower exchange rate compared to Money Master’s rate!!! This is because the bank will give you “discount” if you transfer more than RM20K equivalent. But the set back is you won’t earn yourself FREE Business Class tickets.


AmBank World MasterCard

If you want a credit card for overseas face to face transactions (non-online), the best credit card for this scenario is actually the AmBank World MasterCard. The benefits of AmBank World MasterCard are:

  1. FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions whatsoever;
  2. UNLIMITED FREE access to more than 20 airport lounges worldwide without any spending conditions effective 1st May 2016 until 31 December 2016.
  3. 5X Bonus Points for every RM1 spent overseas except for online transactions.
  4. Based on 5X Bonus Points and 1000 Enrich Miles = 5000 Bonus Points, you can earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM1 spent overseas! Once again, please note that this is not applicable for online transactions.
  5. AmBank World MasterCard overseas conversion rate is lower than Maybank Visa Infinite!!!
  6. If you are not into Enrich Miles, you can redeem for Cash Back using your Bonus Points!!! Based on 5X Bonus Points and RM150 cash back = 30000 Bonus Points, that is equivalent to 2.5% cash back,

And click here to read my article The Best Credit Cards in Malaysia 2016 where AMBank World MasterCard managed to secure the No.3 Best Credit Card position in Malaysia. In this same article I also mentioned that AmBank has extended the RM150 Cash Back = 30,000 Bonus Points until May 2016 and hopefully they will extend it further.

Maybank Visa Infinite

If you want the Maybank Visa Infinite to accumulate Enrich Miles, it is best that you get it via Maybank 2 Cards Premier – AMEX Reserve and Visa Infinite Combo; because, the AMEX Reserve also earns you 5X Treats Points for LOCAL TRANSACTIONS except for Education, Utilities, Petrol, Insurance and Government related transactions.

Maybank Premier Customer Service has informed me that my children’s tuition fees paid using my Maybank Visa Infinite are entitled to 5X Treats Points because they are transacted in foreign currency.

You should only get the Maybank 2 Cards Premier (which includes the Maybank Visa Infinite) if you want to accumulate Frequent Flyer Miles, i.e. Enrich Miles or KrisFlyer Miles or even Asia Miles, in order to fly Business Class for FREE sooner than any other card on earth.

The Maybank 2 Cards Premier are good for the following transactions:

  1. You spend a substantial sum on overseas transactions via online.
  2. You spend a substantial sum on air tickets with AirAsia and/or Malaysia Airlines. If this is the case, you should use the Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX RESERVE and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent.

The Maybank Visa Infinite allows you 5X FREE access to airport lounges including selected airport lounges overseas (Shanghai, Hong Kong , Macau, London, Singapore and Taipei).

UOB Visa Infinite P

The UOB Visa Infinite P once again managed to make it to my Best Top 10 Credit Card list for 2016 because they revised the auto annual fee mechanism effective January 2016 whereby the card holder now only needs to swipe once a month instead of spending RM50K with it. I must say that UOB finally did the right and fair thing to reward their High Net Worth Clients where they can enter 12X for FREE to airport lounges worldwide with the UOB Visa Infinite P by simply swiping it once a month.

So, basically, if you do perform substantial overseas transactions via online (including your child’s tuition fee), you want a Priority Pass Membership Card that grants you FREE access to airport lounges worldwide AND more importantly, you want to accumulate Enrich Miles, then the UOB Visa Infinite P is the card to get.

Now, I specifically mentioned above that you should only get the UOB VI P if you want to accumulate Enrich Miles from your overseas transactions. This is because effective this year (2016), besides Enrich Miles or other useless gifts, you can no longer redeem cash vouchers with your UNIRinggit!

Credit Cards for Overseas Online Transactions

If you need a credit card for online overseas transactions for less than RM1K spending per month, I reckon it would be more worthwhile to go with credit cards that offer you cash back for online transactions, e.g. CIMB Cash Rebate MasterCard 5%, UOB VOX 5% and Public Bank Visa Signature 6%.

If you are new to my blog, please click here to my BEST CREDIT CARDS PAGE and also click here to read my article titled The Best Top 10 Credit Card in Malaysia 2016 to learn more.

And if you need a FREE FOR LIFE credit card to enter Airport Lounges for FREE, click here to visit my AIRPORT LOUNGE PAGE to learn more.

GenX Credit Card TutorialClick here to my  Credit Card Tutorial Page/Menu for more Credit Card Reviews

As for collecting fine teawares and dinnerwares, I don’t think it is a waste of money but actually a good “investment” as my wife can pass them on to my daughters as heirloom which will bring back priceless memories of the time they had with their mother. Boy, with me now kind of interested in teacups and dinner plates, it’s a sign that I am definitely getting old and even maybe turning more feminine playing masak-masak with my wife, hahaha.

GenX 25 Another Credit Card Tutorial by GenX

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