The Best Apps In Malaysia To Earn FREE Money

Hotlink Prepaid App

We can earn Reward Points daily, once again the key here is you must check in daily to claim the Reward Points.

Step 1 – Tap on REWARDS and the bottom menu:

Step 2 – Tap on POINTS at lower right:

Step 3 – Claim BOTH the Daily Reward and Mystery Gift

The Hotlink Reward Points resets to ZERO on the 1st of every month.

As you can observe from above, I have earned 73 Hotlink Reward Points and the screenshot was taken on 12th September. And because I have reached Gold Level, I will earn 2X Reward Points, i.e. minimum 10 Reward Points daily, which means I can have about 220 Reward Points (I have 73 Rewards Points as shown above and I can earn 10 Reward Points daily for another 15 days at least) by the end of the month.

Below shows the current offer at Hotlink and as you can see, if you check in daily, you an easily redeem RM3 Cash Voucher and even a FREE meal at Penang TeoChew worth more than RM10.

With Hotlink, I have even managed to redeem RM5 Petronas Cash Voucher which DOES NOT require me to spend a sen at Petronas to use the voucher.

And click here to see how you can get FREE Milk with your Hotlink App in September 2021 worth RM59.90.

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