The Best Apps In Malaysia To Earn FREE Money

Grab App

Grab App is truly great where it has many promos to earn you cash back. However for earning free money from thin air with Grab, there is no daily check in program unlike the other Apps mentioned in this article.

Below are 2 examples where you can earn FREE GrabRewards Points.

Click here to my article titled Watch Videos to earn GrabReward Points which I have updated to inform you that we do not earn GrabReward Points for some videos. Please note the videos varies from time to time and nowadays many of them do not even reward us with anything.

And below is a YouTube video on earning GrabRewards Points by watching videos:

In August, one can also earn FREE GrabReward Points when they took a Survey at Grab App. So check out Grab App and read the emails from Grab as once in a blue moon they do offer free GrabReward Points.

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