The Best Apps In Malaysia To Earn FREE Money


To recap, the one and only thing you need to do is that you must have the discipline to check in daily to the Apps mentioned to earn meaningful FREE Money.

Big Loyalty App – play the 2 games everyday and you can earn more than 600 Big Points monthly worth more than RM5 based on the RM5 Caring voucher for 375 Big Points.

Hotlink – claim Rewards Points daily and you can then claim for FREE cash voucher and/or food and/or even milk.

Lazada – check in daily and within 2 to 4 months you will earn RM40 per account which you can use to pay bill(s). This means you can earn at least RM120 per year per account!

Shopee – (1) check in daily, (2) play Shopee Farm and (2) watch Live shows and you can earn easily RM20 per month per account. This means you can earn minimum RM240 per year per account. The Shopee Live is great for keyboard warriors where you work in front of the computer especially WFH. You can use another device without SIM (an old Tphone or tablet) to sign in to your Shopee Account where you just need OTP.

Tip for those with Maybank AMEX Reserve – use lah the Shopee Coins for bills only because you get 25% discount which you can’t get anywhere else. As for shopping at Shopee use your AMEX Reserve which you can’t with bills. In this way you are optimizing – get it?

TnG eWallet – well this is really useless, haha, because you need to be very quick to get the free vouchers at A+ Rewards. You may say that you can earn FREE Money from Go+, well this is true but depending on how you play, you get better returns elsewhere as far as investment is concerned.

If you do the above daily check-ins for a week or 2, it will then be a habit and you are on autopilot to earn FREE Money from thin air.

The fact is that the FREE Money mentioned above will not make our life any better but it definitely make us shiok sendiri earning FREE Money from thin air, haha. Who gives you FREE Money besides your parents or husband or sugar daddy/mummy?

Oh yes, detour a bit, if you are giving money or buying hand bags for you girlfriend, i.e. investing in someone else’s wife, you better click here and read my article titled Tips For Men where I have provided the link at my FB.

So if you want more FREE Money, especially from Lazada and Shopee using another mobile number, well get another Hotlink account where it only cost you RM30 for a year but you can earn extra more than RM200 AND thus effectively earn more than RM500 with 2 SIMs per year from thin air.

Click here to read How To Activate Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 And SIM Active 365 Days Period

As usual, time is of the essence….. the above FREE Money will not last. These FREE Money are marketing gimmick to increase the Apps user base and to collect data. The fact is these companies offering FREE Money are losing money so you better enjoy/earn the FREE Money while you still can.

Above is just the tip of the ice-berg to earn FREE Money from thin air and presented for Newbies to my blog. For my long time die hard followers who are able to satisfy my TnC (which is to teach my followers to get use to reading TnCs and Fine Prints) will be taught further how to earn more FREE Money in coming Episodes.