The Best Apps In Malaysia To Earn FREE Money

Shopee App

Shopee App has many ways to earn Shopee Coins which you can use to pay bills.

The easiest way to earn Shopee Coins is simply by checking in. The Shopee Coins you can earn increases by 1 everyday. So you start off with 1 coin and on the 7th day you can earn 7 Shopee Coins and then it resets back to 1 Shopee Coin.

In respect to the above paragraph, what it means is that you can earn 28 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7) Shopee Coins per week. Therefore one can earn more than 100 Shopee Coins per month per account.

The other method to earn Shopee Coins is by playing games. For me, I only concentrate on Shopee Farm where I aim to plant a 99 Shopee Coins tree every week. If you have 5 friends assisting to water your 99 Shopee Coins Tree daily, you can redeem it every week. And if you have 20 friends, you can redeem the 99 Shopee Coins by Thursday where you can then plant a Magic Bean and sometimes this tree also can reward you with 99 Shopee Coins! And right after midnight on Sunday, I will pick a 99 Shopee Coins tree. What this means is I can easily earn 400 Shopee Coins per month

The quickest way to earn Shopee Coins is to watch Live shows…. well, you do not need to watch but just let the video play while you do your own thing. You can earn minimum 50 Shopee Coins a day if you “watch” 10 x 5 Coins videos (say average 5 because certain videos we can even earn 7 coins and even up to 12 coins!). Therefore, you can earn minimum 1500 Shopee Coins a month per account.

If you add up the above 3 methods, you can then easily earn 2000 Shopee Coins per month per account which is equivalent to RM20. And FYI, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP WITH SHOPEE PAY (and give away your personal data) to earn this said minimum 2000 Shopee Coins per month!!!

Below photos were taken on 20th Aug and 13th September, about 23 days apart and you can observe that each phone as earned Shopee Coins worth RM15 to RM20 during the said period.

FYI, only 1 out of the 4 phones shown above has a Shopee Pay account. You do not need to have a Shopee Pay Account to use the FREE Shopee Coins to offset bill payments.

Now, there is also a RM5 Shopee Voucher Tree at Shopee Farm but for this voucher you need to have signed up for Shopee Pay Wallet where you need to give your personal details.

The Shopee Coins can then be used to offset 25% (capped at RM30) off bill payments at Shopee App. Bros & Sis, 25% discount from thin air is way better than any cash back credit card.

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