The Best Apps In Malaysia To Earn FREE Money

Lazada App

Lazada App is not only a Shopping App but it also allows you to pay bills.

All you need to do is – Check In daily.

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You can only withdraw the money once it hits RM40. The amount you can earn daily is random. See below photo, each phone earns different amount.

Once again the key is you must check in daily! And on certain days you can even earn more than RM1.

So how much can you earn per month? Well it may take between 2 to 4 months to earn the RM40 in order to withdraw the money into Lazada Wallet (which you DO NOT need to sign up unlike Shopee Pay Wallet). What this means is you can earn minimum RM10 per month or at least RM120 per year per Lazada Account.

And the beautiful thing about the FREE Money earned from Lazada Daily Reward is it CAN BE USED TO PAY BILLS at Lazada App 🙂

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