The Best Apps In Malaysia To Earn FREE Money

Big Loyalty App

You can easily earn more than 600 Big Points monthly by playing the Catcher and Biggie Wonderland.

Below is a photo showing the phones I am using to earn Big Points and if you refer to the lower left, I have indicated where you should tap to play the 2 games and earn MINIMUM 22 Big Points daily.

Click here to learn more of playing the Catcher and Biggie Wonderland to earn Big Points.

At the Big Loyalty App, you will note that nowadays there is nothing worthwhile to redeem with the Big Points unlike previously where we can redeem RM50 Lazada Cash Vouchers.

There is a RM5 Caring Cash Voucher where you can redeem in full with 375 Big Points (which is less than 600 Big Points which you can easily earn per month) but not everyone shops with Caring.

So what can you do with the useless Big Points? Well, this is where Samsung Pay Malaysia App comes into play. I will touch on Samsung Pay in the next Episodes related to this series which are exclusive for those who have been granted the password.

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