Maybank Credit Cards Treats Points Air Miles Redemption Revision Effective 1st September 2022

Maybank World MasterCard and American Express Platinum Credit Card

For those of you who are new to my blog or even a long time follower but still blur where you need me to spoon feed you – click here to Maybank Announcement Page to learn more – 01 August 2022 Revision of Air Miles Conversion Rate for Maybank Cards

Anyway, I will start of with the Maybank World MasterCard and American Express Platinum Credit Card. Both these said cards are for those who are not bothered on how much air miles they can earn or how much is the card annual fee or that they are earning less air miles compared to the Maybnk 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve!

As you can see from above, as of current conversion, you need to spend more than RM1 to earn 1 air miles with the above mentioned cards.

As for the Maybank World MasterCard, well, if you were to do some calculations, it can be better than the Maybank Visa Infinite for LOCAL spending. But remember, you get 1X Points for Insurance, Education, Education, EzyPay and PETROL!!! And only a fool will use the MAybank World MasterCard to pump petrol or even to purchase a Chanel Bag or Rolex watch or even a BMW if they can use AMEX!

Scroll down and click on Page 3 to learn more about the revised TP conversion rate for the Maybank Visa Signature and Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX