Maybank Credit Cards Treats Points Air Miles Redemption Revision Effective 1st September 2022


Well, if you are surprised that Maybank inflated their air miles conversion rate by 40% and maybe even up to 100%, I guess you have not been absorbing the contents in my Be Prepared For Tomorrow 2022 Series.

The fact is, as what I told you, we Malaysians are facing a double whammy – (1) worldwide inflation and (2) our weak Ringgit.

I would reckoned that the airlines’ would be selling their air miles in USD and therefore if the banks do not inflate their redemption programs, it will affect their bottom-line.

For KrisFlyer fans, as you know, they just inflated their FFP but it was generally less than 20%. But with Maybank also inflating their Air Miles Conversion rate by minimum 40%, what this means is with time, the opportunity to fly Suite Class or First Class will be getting lesser….. on the other hand, those of you who listened to me and used your FREE Credit Card Reward Points to redeem for Singapore Airlines Suite Class before the Covid-19 era are blessed with fond memories s simply by you following my instructions where you are not to redeem for Business Class tickets 🙂

Last but not least, a message to all my die hard air miles fans who have been waiting for my advise – you are a fool if you use your Maybank Credit Cards for transactions related to Insurance Premiums, Education and Utilities (of course including Government and eWallets) paid in Ringgit Malaysia effective from 1st September 2022!!! So go start planning what card you going to use or what new credit card you must get, hahaha.