Singapore Airlines Fan – Must Get From KrisShop When You Are Flying And You If You Get It During KrisShop Sale You Will Get To Save Lots

Last week my wife and I flew with Singapore Airlines Business Class and I ordered 2 bottles of the Award Winning Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique and my wife wanted the SKII Pitera Facial Treatment.

AS you can observe below, the above said Kavalan which I bought was a Singapore Airlines KrisShop Exclusive where the box and the sticker on the bottle has the batik design. And the price of the World’s Best Whisky, for travelers, is only SGD158 per bottle which is very reasonable compared to the price in Malaysia for the same whisky.

The 2 bottles of Kavalan Whisky and 2 bottles of SKII Pitera Facial Treatment were delivered to me in the plane just before landing.

Kavalan Batik Solist Vinho Barrique Single Malt Whisky – Singapore Airlines KrisShop Exclusive

KrisShop Sale

The best time to get stuff from KrisShop is when they are having a sale.

Below is an example where a Bro bought a bottle of Hibiki 17 and Hibiki 21 when KrisShop had a sale where he saved SGD945!!! But this said Bro did not pay a sen as he used his KrisFLyer Miles to offset the SGD2.8K payment, hahaha.

If you noticed from the above image, the Bro used 375,168 Krislyer Miles to offset the SGD2.8K.

With 375K KF Miles, we can fly First Class Saver and Suite Class Advantage SIN/Lon worth combined total of about RM48K!!! But his said Bro being My Air Miles Disciple has tons of Air Miles (not only KF) and therefore burning the 375K KF Miles made no difference to him; but in actual fact paid nothing for the 2 Hibiki bottles as his KF were FREE and more importantly he gets to shiok sendiri when the price of the Hibiki 17 and Hibiki 21 increase over the years 🙂

Anyway, yesterday ( 30th October 2022), I was checking out KrisShop again and noted that they are having a 11.11 sale where we can get up to 22% Discount!!!

Since I will be flying with Singapore Airlines First Class end of November, I immediately purchased another 2 bottles of the Kavalan Batik Solist Vinho Barrique whisky and my wife wanted another SKII product where I got a total of 22% discount or saved just above SGD119 🙂

And I get another SGD10 off too using the Code FLY10 🙂

Therefore, in the end I paid SGD389.22 for 2 Bottles of Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Whisky and for my wife her SK-II Skinpower Lotion.

With the 22% discount and additional SGD10 off and considering I paid SGD316 earlier for 2 bottles of the Kavalan Batik for my fight last week, this time the money I saved is like I am getting the SK-II Skin Power Lotion for my wife at a steal.

I tell you, I was shocked when I saw my wife’s SK-II product prices – they are more expensive than the Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrque which has won the Award of World’s Best Whisky!

For example, a bottle of 70cl World’s Best Whisky cost only SGD158 versus a bottle of SK-II Pitera Facial Treatment SGD200+ and SK-II Skinpower Lotion SGD193!!!

So Bros and Sis, I tell you, better get at least a bottle of the Kavalan Batik Solist Vinho Barrique which is selling for SGD158 becuase it is a steal! And in the years to come, you will also get to have tremendous shiok sendiri sensations when you go to Jaya Grocer and see the price of the Kavalan! Yes, liquor/spirits prices had increased tremendously compared to pre-covid and will keep increasing.

Here is another tip – if you are departing from Heathrow, check out the Hennessy XO or Martell XO and you may get to purchase a bottle at discounted price.

And like I said, prices of spirits have increased tremendously, and just before I flew into Australia, I checked out Dan Purphy’s website and they were having an online promo; so I bought 2 bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and a bottle of Hennessy XO because AUD is now weaker than SGD and therefore I saved some RM too 🙂

The above said bottles bought from Dan Murphy’s will be kept in my eldest son’s house and I also gave him a bottle of the Kavalan Batik Solist Vinho Barrique 🙂 When I told him I am getting 2 bottles of Blue Label to be kept in his house, he asked why 2? I replied one for us to enjoy and the other bottle is to keep, haha.

My eldest son who has a Master of Engineering from an Ivy League Uni in USA and Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from a World’s Top 30 Med School in Australia, used to enjoy lots of different types of whiskies during his uni days; but now that he is a Doctor, he hardly drinks! Yesterday I enjoyed the Martell XO (which I took to his place early this year and opened it) over dinner and he refused to join me as he said he had to work today, hahaha.

Coming back to KrisShop Sale, the current 11.11 Sale where we get 22% discount is only for Travelers, i.e. you purchase now and the stuff will be delivered to you while you are in the plane. FYI, SK-II products are only for Travelers, which means you cannot purchase SK-II products for non-travelers where the stuff will be delivered to a Singapore Address.

For the Kavalan Batik KrisShop Exclusive, for non-traveler, the price is SGD171 and even if you purchase 2 bottles where the total purchase price is above SGD280, you won’t be offered the 22% discount.

Having said the above, KrisShop does offer promotions for non-travelers, so maybe nearer the actual date of 11.11 we may get non-traveler discount. So check KrisShop often as you never know what is being offered.

Now, if you are looking of getting the Dyson Supersonice Hairdryer, it is on sale now and you do not need to be a Traveller, i.e. it will be delivered to your home!

Last but not least, if you see something you like at KrisShop, get it immediately if the price is right for you because very often many of the products are sold out very quickly.