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American Express Platinum Credit Card, AMEX Gold Charge Card and Entry Level AMEX Review 2019. 10X Membership Reward Points – Freaking Good With My FREE FOR LIFE Entry Level AMEX

Back in January 2019, in my article titled It’s A Miracle – GOD Gave Me Back My Bragging Rights for 2019! I showed you guys that I have been an American Express Member Since 1988 🙂 However in 2017, because Maybank refused to waive the annual fee for my American Express Gold Charge Card which I have been holding for close to 30 years, I had to downgrade to the standard Entry Level American Express Charge Card which is FREE FOR LIFE.

In respect to the above paragraph, Maybank Customer Service assured me that my Entry Level FREE FOR LIFE AMEX card will still have Member Since 88. However, I was shocked when I received the Entry Level AMEX, it stated Member Since 11 (the year I signed up for Maybank 2 Cards Platinum). I was pissed off but then again I had nothing to complain since it is FREE FOR LIFE, hahaha.

FYI, I have not used the Entry Level AMEX even once since I received it back in 2017, hahaha.

Well, I received an email from Maybank recently stating that there is a 10X Bonus Membership Reward Points for the AMEX Platinum Credit Card, AMEX Gold Charge Card and even for my Entry Level AMEX Charge Card!!! I guess Maybank would have sent out a similar or better promo to their Platinum Charge Card (annual fee is more than RM3K) holders else they will be pissed off when they read this, hahaha.

American Express 10X Bonus Membership Points 2019.jpg

10X Bonus Membership Reward Points!!! Is this good?

Before I even answer the above question, I guess I should first give you a brief review of the American Express Platinum Credit Card, AMEX Gold Charge Card and Entry Level FREE FOR LIFE AMEX. And since I am doing a review of the these said cards, I might as well review The American Express Platinum Charge Card too.

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