GenX Disciples’ Rolex & G-Shock Watches

Since January 2019, I have had several gatherings with My Air Miles Disciples where we would have the opportunity to wear our Rolex watches 🙂

Gathering Episode 3 3.jpg

My Pepsi with Batman and Coke

Gathering Episode III add 10.jpg

My Air King with Daytona and Batman

Recently I had a gathering with a few privileged followers. Unlike the previous gatherings with my supporters where a few of us wore our Rolex watches, this time around, we wore our G-Shocks 🙂

GShock Gathering Vol II Episode 2.jpg

In respect to the above photo, here are some info of the owners of the above G-Shocks:

1. G-Shock MTG Limited Edition Rainbow : GenX (with yellow long sleeve)

As you all are aware I have flown Singapore Airlines Old and New Suite and Qantas First Class plus Business Class with Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways.

In addition to the above G-Shock MTG Rainbow, I own a GMT Master I Pepsi, GMT Master II Pepsi, Rolex Air King and several G-Shocks which are all Solar Powered.

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2. G-Shock MTG Limited Edition Rainbow : DC

This gentleman by the initials of DC is the same Bro who not only secured 1 Rolex GMT Master II Batman but TWO in March 2019 at Retail Price!!! And he is so blessed that his wife bought him a G-Shock MTG Rainbow for his birthday,

This Bro has flown Business Class with numerous airlines, i.e. Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar, Singapore Airlines and etc.

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3. GW-B5600BL-1 Solar Powered : Ashley

This Bro bought his G-Shock as a souvenir during his recent trip to Japan after being brain-washed by me to buy a G-Shock hahaha. He owns a few Rolex watches too. He actually wanted to wear his new Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi but I insisted that he wear his G-Shock instead so that I can take photo of our G-Shocks, hahaha.

He has redeemed Singapore Airlines First Class, Old Suite and New Suite! He has also flown many times on Business Class with several airlines.

4. Standard G-Shock : BO

This Bro is the gentleman that managed to secure a Rolex Daytona at Retail Price despite being told he will never be allocated one. And the reason he was blessed with the Daytona is because he practices Love & Gratitude and Intention taught by yours truly 🙂

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Many of my die hard followers have been brain washed to collect G-Shock Solar Powered watches because they will buta-buta follow my instructions because they know that what I tell them to do is for their own benefit, hahahahahaha

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