Alliance Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum TnC Revision Effective March and October 2022 – Freaking Unbelievable But Then Again.

Revision to Alliance Bank Conversion of Timeless Bonus Points to Enrich Points effective 1st October 2022

Bros and Sis, if you have Alliance Bank Timeless Bonus Points, you better convert them to Enrich this month because effective 1st October 2022, it will be inflated by 67% (say out loud the number 67 in Cantonese, really shitty number, hahaha).

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So come 1st October 2022, we need 10,000 Alliance Timeless Bonus Points in order to get 1,000 Enrich Points.

The inflated rate is really freaking high!

But then again, the current rate of 6000 TBP = 1000 Enrich Points has been maintained by Alliance for quite a long time, therefore it is no surprise that Alliance Bank’s management decided to adjust the conversion rate to suit the current market rates and also their current products, especially for their Visa Infinite and Visa Plat.

Seriously, even with the inflated rate of 67%, the Alliance Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum are still very good IF you are into Enrich Miles.

And you know what? The Entry Level Alliance Visa Platinum is better than Maybank credit cards for transactions when both cards earn 1X point!

Example, with the Alliance Platinum Visa where we earn 1X TBP, it means one needs to spend RM10 to earn 1 Enrich Point. For the Maybank 2 Cards Gold and Platinum – one needs to spend RM14 to earn 1 Enrich Point for transactions that earn us 1X TP!!!

HOWEVER, when it comes to 5X Treats Points with the Maybank Credit Cards, it is a totally different story depending on which credit card you are holding.

Say for example we are able to earn 5X TP with the AMEX Reserve, this means we are earning 1 air mile (Enrich Point or KrisFlyer Mile or Asia Mile) for every RM1.40 spent.

Versus the Alliance 8X TBP come 1st October 2022, we will earn 1 Enrich Point for every RM1.25 spent.

So the question is – Is the Alliance Bank 8X TBP better or Maybank AMEX Reserve 5X TP better? If you answer Alliance Bank then you have wasted your time reading my articles over the years, hahaha. But if you are new to my blog then it is understandable that you know nuts about air miles.

On the other hand, if one is holding the Maybank 2 Cards AMEX Gold or Platinum where he/she can earn 1 air mile (Enrich Point or KrisFlyer or Asia Miles) for every RM2.80 spent with 5X TP, then maybe the Alliance Bank 8X TBP may be good if they want to fly only to destinations offered by Malaysia Airlines.

If purely for Enrich Hotel, the Alliance Bank VI and Platinum (where you can earn 8X TBP) are better than Maybank credit cards!!!!

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