Alliance Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum TnC Revision Effective March and October 2022 – Freaking Unbelievable But Then Again.

Alliance 8X TBP with the Alliance Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum

Back in March 2022, there was also a revision by Alliance:

Click here to read the above announcement ay Alliance webpage.

It is clearly stated in the announcement that we will earn 8X TBP for eCommerce.

However a Bro told me he did not earn 8X TBP for many of his online transactions in August and when he contacted Alliance CS, he was told the 8X TBP is for shopping!!!

However, on the other hand, I have also received confirmations by Bros that their Alliance CC August Statements showed that they still earned 8X TBP for their online transactions which are not related to shopping.

So Bros and Sis, please check the Timeless Bonus Points you earned from all your transactions and do not assume.


You know lah Malaysians, most no planing and like to do things last minute, many had trouble connecting to a Maybank CS on 31st August 2022 late evening to convert their TPs to air miles, hahaha.

So, you better start calling Alliance CS once you received your September Statement and convert all your TBPs to Enrich Points!