A Message To Prepare You For 2019 And Beyond

Happy New Year 2019!

Well, I guess it is customary for everyone with good intentions to wish you the best and it is the same for me. I wish everybody reading this a wonderful 2019 and beyond.

However, the good wishes you get means nothing if you have no planning for the future. Yeah, it is like running around like a headless chicken and ending up nowhere.

I tell you, shit happens! And if you are prepared for every possible scenario, whatever bad situations you are in can be easily tackled without any issues.

If you have been reading the news, real news not Facebook okay, you will know that the stock market has been falling globally. Now, it is not guaranteed that we will be in a recession in 2019 BUT based on stock market which is a leading indicator, we may.

Most if not all of you who are reading this are educated, thus, earning big bucks or will eventually. My article titled EPF and Average Salary of Graduates in Malaysia (click here to read it) which was published back in March 2018 shows you the best paying jobs in Malaysia. As you can see, graduates do command high salaries once they reach managerial position especially if one has a degree related to Accounting, Engineering, IT and Medicine.

From the above mentioned article, I have shown you that if you are a graduate, you will most likely have a cool RM1,000,000 after working for half of your adult life. And if your spouse is also a graduate, both of you would have more than RM2,000,000 combined and that’s not including any other investments you may have (i.e. properties, stocks, bonds, etc).

Yes, having the right degree and more importantly graduating from a university that makes you employable is extremely important. From what I gather from many of my younger followers, they are earning pretty good incomes if they are in the IT field. For other professional fields such as Accounting, Engineering, Law and Medicine, their starting pay may not be as good as those in the IT field but eventually as they gather working experience and with a plan on their career objective, they will also be earning big bucks.

And if you have been following me for years, I have been reiterating over and over again that if one graduates from a World Top University, he/she can work anywhere on earth earning big bucks and anywhere on earth includes Malaysia!

IF you are planning to send your child overseas to pursue a Professional Degree, do not waste your hard earned money on just any  overseas university but make sure the degree is recognized worldwide. And to assist you on what university you should sent your child to, please click on the links below:

Now, having a degree from a World’s Top 100 University does not guarantee that you won’t be affected by events which are beyond your control, e.g. a recession where you may be terminated from our job or your business suffers drastic decline in income.

In early 2018, I published an article titled Be Prepared For Tomorrow So That You Can Sleep Soundly and many thanked me for it as I made them realize the importance of saving part of their income in the event of a “shit happens” scenario. In this article, I pointed out the most important thing of all to a young person – it is not how much you earn that makes you rich but how much you save and once you have 6 months emergency funds on stand by for a rainy day, you should then be investing to become richer. Once you hit 40 years old, it may be too late if you did not plan earlier, this is because when you are in your forties, you are at the prime of your life (where you are earning more but also have higher expenses due to family responsibilities) and may also be facing mid life crisis!!!

When you reach 40 years old, either you have lots of savings/money (from your investments from your thirties, i.e. wealth accumulation phase) or you have difficulty surviving! I am not joking. I tell you, once you are above 40, you will need lots of money because of your children’s education and it gets worst when your children enter university one by one. Then you will see your money depleting at a rate you never ever imagined, hahaha. However, if you do not have kids, you are lucky as you can then spend all your hard earned money on yourself 🙂

Do you know how much an average household spends in Malaysia. Well, it is more than RM5K per month and the breakdown is as follows:

  1. Housing – 24%
  2. Food and Beverages – 18%
  3. Transport – 13.7% <— Car loan included?
  4. Restaurants and Hotels – 13.4%
  5. Miscellaneous goods and services – 7.7%
  6. Recreations services and culture – 5%
  7. Communications – 5% <— This is damn freaking high
  8. Furnishing, household equipment and routine household maintenance – 4.2%
  9. Clothing and Footwear – 3.4% <— today it may be more due to online shopping
  10. Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco – 2.4%
  11. Health – 1.9% <— Insurance Premium?
  12. Education – 1.3% <—- education is basically free unless you send you child to international school. Then again, this figure may be low because many working parents send their children to day care/tuition centers.

To learn more about Malaysian Household Expenditure – Almost All Can Be Paid Using Credit Cards, please click here.

Many young people, including my followers, are earning pretty good money. However, they also spend away most of their income on gadgets, holidays (with RM0 AirAsia tickets) and unnecessary luxury stuff that won’t make their life any better BECAUSE of credit cards where they stupidly utilize the 0% installment plans!!! I tell you, if you do not have money in the bank equivalent to the stuff you are purchasing with 0% Installment Plans, it means you are spending beyond your means. Basically, if you do not have money now, what makes you think you will have money tomorrow.

So to help my younger followers, if you have yet to read my article titled Be Prepared For Tomorrow So That You Can Sleep Soundly, it is to your benefit to do so.

And to assist my younger followers to cope with the high cost of living, I have many FREE tutorials to earn FREE Pocket Money and How Not To Fall Into The Shit Hole of Debt:

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As for my followers who are earning big bucks, i.e. more than RM10K a month, if you are playing cash back credit cards and earning about RM200 to RM300 per month, that won’t make your life any better. Well, if your intentions/wants are small stuff (which includes flying Economy) you get peanuts! On the other hand, my Air Miles Disciples where many don’t even earn close to RM10K per month but have the intention to experience First Class (where many filthy rich stingy people have never even experienced before) will be blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime to fly First Class return to Europe or North America for FREE, that’s if they follow my instructions to the dot, hahaha.


If you have been following me for years, you will know that I keep reiterating the statement above. But a couple of years ago I found the secret to Inner Peace and I shared it with a selected few grateful die hard followers after they passed an intensive screening process in order to be part of my Project 0.0 – Project Love & Gratitude.

Below is part of the contents taken from my Announcement For Project 0.0 – Love and Gratitude:

Basically, one’s needs in life is dependent on one’s age:

Age 0 to 1 – eat, shit and sleep only.

Age 1 to 7 – eat, shit, sleep and some entertainment plus they are instilled believes according to their parent’s believe and environment.

Age 7 to 18 – eat, shit, sleep, entertainment and more entertainment. Sometime during their teenage years, they think they are smarter than the parents.

Adult 18 to 30 – accumulation of knowledge and wealth. And this age, they believe they are smarter than their parents and everyone else. What they want is a new gadget every year and drive at least a MyVi. They think they are super human beings, i.e. no need to sleep or eat but party all night also can. Lack of sleep and a proper diet will lead to health problems later.

Adulthood, prime age 30 to 40 – career picking up and earning big bucks. Still lack of proper diet and sleep as busy chasing after money (not wealth as they are sacrificing their health). Also at this age they once again start to appreciate their parents as they now face problems with their own children.

Age 40 to 50 – Peak of their careers. Net worth easily RM1M above if you are a graduate. But health issues start to crop up. It is also at this time that they realize what their parents told them about taking care of their health and about life is all true.

Age 50 to 60 – Net worth much much more but health issues also more. They wish they had listened to their parents. Also at this age, if one is fortunate enough to realize that money does not equate to happiness, they will take actions to rectify their situation or else they will be controlled by money until the day they die.

Age 60 to 70 – they come to realize that life is one BIG LAN PAH, PAH LAN! All start regretting about what they should or should not do. All realize that money does not make life better but is the root of many problems.

Age 70 and above – Now cannot walk properly, cannot eat properly, cannot shit properly, cannot sleep properly…….. also realize that all the money they have saved and properties/assets they own can’t guarantee them  a place in heaven. So because they are afraid to go to hell, suddenly they become angels and start doing charity work and are generous in donating money here and there, hahaha.

In a nut shell – Life is just to eat, sleep and shit; everything you do between these 3 actions will be of no significance eventually as you return back to nothing. Life is a BIG LAN PAH, PAH LAN! But of course you cannot comprehend this until you experience it yourself as you grow older. Well, in Project 0.0, I prepared my  die hard supporters on what to expect in life and show them the power of Love & Gratitude so hopefully they will die happy 🙂


Now, not everyone who participated in my Project 0.0 have found their life any better…. reason being they can’t let go of their love for money and thus will continue to be a slave to money and lead a stressful life. I tell you, if you love money and work like a dog and suffer from stress day in day out, you will have lots of health issues (a young one may not feel it now but it is being manifested and eventually when one is older he/she will suffer the consequences).

On the other hand, many who have practiced what I taught in Project 0.0 are extremely grateful to me as they now live a happier life. I am not exaggerating. They are less stressed and able to sleep soundly. One of them also told me that his wife said to him that she noticed that he now smiles more often like the time before they got married! Less stress equates to a better and healthier life 🙂

Thank You for reading this post. Once again, Bros & Sis, I wish you a Happy New Year, AND you will be blessed if you start planning right this moment on how you want to live your short life on planet earth by setting short, medium and long terms goals (I recommend that you set a happy life which automatically includes wealth in every sense as your ultimate goal instead of just wanting X amount of money which means nothing if you are suffering from bad health issues) AND most importantly once you reach the level of “Chiak Bui Liow”, spend your children’s future inheritance on yourself to gather fond memories because when you die nobody is going to say thank you to you!

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