The Best Top 5 Credit Cards For Online Transactions in Malaysia 2021

Affin Bank Duo Visa CAsh Back Credit Card

The Affin Duo comes with both Visa and MasterCard credit cards; but the MasterCard is as good as useless.

Click here to watch my YouTube Review of the Affin Duo Visa Cash Back and MasterCard Rewards Credit Cards.

From my YouTube video review, you will learn that the Affin Duo annual fees are waived for the first 3 years. Good enough, as it will be a miracle is they are still offering the same benefits in 3 years time.

Actually, 2 months after Affin Bank launched the Affin Duo Visa Cash Back credit card, they have revised the TnC for the Affin Duo Visa where the cardholder no longer earns cash back for 3 eWallets. Haha, no need to wait 3 years also the benefits have been downgraded.

As you can see from above, the Affin Duo Visa Cash Back Credit Cards earns you 3% cash back for Online Transactions and this includes Insurance Premiums (for auto debit too!).

It gets better, the Affin Duo Visa cardholders can earn 3% cash back when they pay their Utility Bills via ONLINE, i.e. TNB and Syabas!

And the beauty part is the monthly cash back is capped at RM80 per month which means you can earn RM960 per year!

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