The Best Top 5 Credit Cards For Online Transactions in Malaysia 2021

Other Notable Credit Cards for Online Transactions

There are other credit cards that deserved to be mentioned if you are a cash back fan where the above mentioned cash back credit cards monthly quota is inadequate.

If you do need another cash back credit card for Online Transactions and even for Insurance Premiums, you can consider Standard Chartered Bank cash back credit card(s). However, SCB no longer offers any auto mechanism for annual fee waiver for their cash back credit cards – which means you need to call yearly to beg for annual fee waiver. Another thing about SCB’s cash back is that they are based on tiers and the amount is not credited straight into your credit card account. If you need another cash back credit card for Online Transactions, visit SCB’s website for more info.

And if you are into Enrich Miles, then you must get the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite or Platinum where there have revised the benefits of these said cards. Basically they have revised the benefit where you will now earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.75 spent for Online Transactions!!!

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