The Best Top 5 Credit Cards For Online Transactions in Malaysia 2021


Update – a follower mentioned that she does not earn cash back for government related transactions with the Public Bank Quantum MasterCard (it would be the same for the VS) . So I checked the TnC and below is what I noted:

Online transactions exclude casino (MCC 7995), petrol (MCC 5541, 5542 & 5172), recurring transactions, cash advances, quasi cash (MCC 6050 & 6051), balance transfer, government-related payments (MCC 9211, 9222, 9223, 9399, 9311,9402 & 9405), payments to charity (MCC 8398), Direct Debit payments and payments via pbebank dotcom.

For Cash Back Fans

If you are a cash back fan, with spending of RM3,899 online, the total cash back you can earn per month with the Affin Duo Visa, PBB VS and PBB Quantum MC is RM148.

The 3 cash back credit cards mentioned above earn you cash back for Utilities which is fantastic compared to Maybank cash back credit cards.

And if you are also holding the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum in addition to the 3 cards mentioned above, then you would have close to RM5K spending quota per month to earn close to RM200 cash back (RM2,400 per year!).

However, if you are an expert in credit cards, you would need more than RM5K spending quota in order to maximize earning FREE money from thin air; as such, you will need many cash back credit cards, hahaha.

For Air Miles Fan

The Maybank 2 Cards Premier should be adequate for your Online Transactions except that you will need another credit card for government related transactions.

If you do spend RM6K per month with the Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve, you can earn 72K KrisFlyer Miles where we could redeem a one way First Class ticket worth more than RM10K. Like I been saying for years, one will be earning peanuts with cash back cards compared to playing air miles where we get to experience luxury which will give us priceless fond memories until the day we die, haha.

However, if you are into Enrich Miles (where there is no First Class for you to gather priceless fond memories), then the credit card to use for Online Transactions is the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite or Platinum. FYI, it is stated in Alliance Bank’s TnC that government related transactions are not eligible for Timeless Bonus Points.

And you may be wondering why the new CIMB e Credit Card was not mentioned? The reason is because this card is only really good every 10th of the month. Moreover one only earns 10X Bonus Points for specific transactions. Therefore, it is not as versatile as the cards mentioned earlier. However, it is good for another category, i.e. for topping up eWallets which will be presented to a selected few in an exclusive article.

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