The Best Top 5 Credit Cards For Online Transactions in Malaysia 2021

Public Bank Quantum MasterCard

Public Bank Quantum Card

For years, in my Credit Card Tutorial 101, I have only mentioned 2 combo cards that everyone much have. The first is the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Plat where the AMEX earns you 5% cash back from your essential expenses on weekends.

The next combo credit cards you must have is the Public Bank Quantum MasterCard and Visa that earns you 5% cash back everyday!

And the best part is that the Public Bank Quantum Cards are FREE FOR LIFE without any condition.

Nowadays we all shop online for practically everything we need, and this is where the Public Bank Quantum MasterCard is excellent to earn you 5% cash back.

The only set back is that the monthly cash back you can earn is capped at RM30 per month which means the Public Bank Quantum MasterCard is good for up to RM600 spending per month.

UPDATE Feb 2022 – Click here to read updates to PBB VS and Quantum MC TnC.

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