The Most Underrated Social Media Influencer In Malaysia

GenX GenY GenZ’s Influence No.12 – Project Health

A few of my followers have took my advise to join me in a Health Project where they not only have experienced (still are) wonders to their body BUT they are also able to assist others in their health issues 🙂

What is the point of having so much money in the future if you do not take care of your health now.

Bros & Sis, work cannot finish and the better you are at it, your boss will give you more work!

So take time off, allocate time for yourself, exercise and more importantly you must have 8 hours sleep so that your body can build up immunity to fight against any virus.

Many of my followers who have joined me in my health projects are eternally grateful that they did.

To my disciples, listen to me, join me and my other followers by performing a low impact exercise that will do wonders to your body…. time is of the essence and you must start now and not only want to start on my health project when you are in deep shit as it may be too late then!

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