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GenX GenY GenZ’s Influence No.2 – Life Is All About Eating, Shitting, Sleeping and Most Importantly be Debt FREE

I have produced many articles to educate my readers on how to not be poorer. But all of us are after shiok sendiri sensations and we use money to achieve it! And with a credit card, we are sure to spend more!

a. We must settle pay in full our credit card Statement Balance before the Due Date so that we are not imposed freaking exorbitant interest rate (more than 10%).

b. We must not sign up for Personal Loan as this is a quickest way to being poorer instantly because the interest is imposed the moment the loan is approved.

c. Opt for shorter car loan period and you will pay less for the same car which will eventually be junk. FYI, Car Loan is exactly the same as Personal Loan where you owe the bank more the longer the loan period.

d. Unless you have the money in hand AND you really keep track of every sen you earn, you should not opt for 0% Installment Plan or 0% Balance Transfer Plan. These are debt instruments. For example, you have RM1K in savings but you purchase a new phone that cost RM3K with 0% Installment Plan, this means you are spending beyond your means!

Below are my past articles to educate yourself:

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