The Most Underrated Social Media Influencer In Malaysia

GenX GenY GenZ’s Influence No.10 – Playing Games To Earn FREE Money

A few of my followers, for months, are earning FREE money from thin air daily with FREE Spins using an App.

Two years back I also taught many how to cheat their step counts by using a “pendulum”. I am still earning FREE Qantas Points daily as I have no issues hitting 20,000 steps daily, hahaha.

Recently I showed my followers how to earn FREE money by playing a game called Let’s Gold and many of us were earning FREE money like durian runtuh and we were having fun until AA played dirty by banning our accounts, haha.

Now, a few of my followers are watering plants to earn FREE Vouchers or Coins at Shopee App, hahaha. A few are also using their under utilize phone to earn fREE Shopee Coins by watching Shopee Live, haha.

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