The Most Underrated Social Media Influencer In Malaysia


As you can see, many people have benefited from my articles and tutorials and those who are grateful and have faith in me (i.e. just buta-buta follow me) will be blessed beyond their imagination.

So why is GenX GenY GenZ the most underrated social media influencer in Malaysia? It is because I stupidly assist you by producing FREE articles to benefit you and I do not get any monetary benefit from them!

FREE is the Best but FREE also means no value!

For example,. when someone share something on FB or at forums, which is FREE, most of the time it won’t make your life better.

I on the other hand teach you (any many people at LYN too), but because the teaching is FREE, no one is grateful!!!

Worst is that many people will curi our teachings and claim credit from it and even make money from it! These parasites are not grateful and never acknowledge our teachings.

Having said the above,many selfless bloggers who also teaches for FREE such as Mr-Stingy, Ringgit Oh Ringgit, Dividend Magic and a few others are sincere and do give credit to me 🙂

Because I assist people for FREE, most are not grateful and think it is their right to read my articles! Example, most of my readers are parasites reading my articles and can’t even tap on the Love emoji at my FB to show gratitude. It cost nothing to send unconditional Love. People who can’t show gratitude have a lot of negative energy in them and until they are ready to change their mind set and able to send out unconditional love, they will never find peace in their hearts.

I am not interested to have more followers as I have learned most people are ungrateful and just plain greedy.

However, those who have shown gratitude and faith in me, I will go out of my way to assist them in whatever way I can and bless them with stuff they never imagined possible… not only in terms of money but more importantly to make their lives better in every sense.

On the other hand, I have haters too….. yin and yang…. the way of the tao…… and I thank them all the same because they are hypocrites still reading my articles to learn from me…… so I am earning positive karma points all the same for doing good but at the same time not expecting anything in return, hahaha.

Talking about “tao”, the proper path ….below are two articles which may interest you:

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Last but not least, I also have been stupidly promoting Samsung Pay, so much so, during the 11.11 Sale, many of my disciples have bought a Samsung Phone! Hahaha. Many bought a Samsung Phone for themselves, either a Galaxy A31 ot the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. One Bro even bought two, one for himself and one for his future wife. But one Bro bought 3 Galaxy Note 10 Plus at Lazada on 11.11 – but because he is my Project Love & Gratitude disciple, he had no issues getting them before they were sold out!

Guess what? The Samsung Note 10 Plus is on sale again at Lazada Samsung Official Store on 12.12. Click here to my Lazada Page.