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GenX GenY GenZ’s Influence No.3 – The Need To Save Money Now

The earlier to start saving money, the earlier you become richer.

And shit always happens, you must have 6 months cash reserve in the event of an emergency. Those of you whose income are suffered a downturn because of this year’s Covid-19 crisis now fully understand that Nothing Last Forever and it is not about how you much were earning but how much you have saved for a rainy day.

Below are few of my articles on Saving Money:

Those of you who did follow what I said to do few years back where you must save the cash back you earned into a separately account, today you can feel the money you have earned from your cash back credit cards 🙂 For those who did not, you have burned away the cash back you earned and can no longer get to feel good on how much you have earned….. yah yah on Excel you can see but where is the money?

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