The Most Underrated Social Media Influencer In Malaysia

Meaning of Social Media Influencers

Influencers in social media are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. They make regular posts about that topic on their preferred social media channels and generate large followings of enthusiastic, engaged people who pay close attention to their views.


GenX GenY GenZ is the most underrated social media influencer in Malaysia and I will tell you the reason why at the end of this article.

I started of blogging about a decade ago on credit cards – started off with cash back credit cards. I then moved into air miles and it is all thanks to my Sifu Hye (a moderator at LYN Forum) for teaching me that we need to determine how much we need to spend to earn 1 air mile and not be fooled by 5X or 8X or 10X Reward Points. With Sifu Hye’s teachings (his straight forward no nonsense answers/comments at LYN), I have taught many on what credit cards to hold to accumulate air miles and now all my Die Hard Followers past and present know how to determine what credit cards they must hold based on their spending pattern.

Today, many of the credit card issuers have adopted what I have been teaching for the past decade where they will state exactly how much we must spend in order to earn 1 air mile (i.e. 1 air mile for every RMx Ringgit Spent) except for Citibank, HSBC and SCB where they still mislead their potential customers with 8X and 10X Reward Points as if they are fantastic. But these foreign banks can only fool non readers of GenX GenY GenZ, hahaha.

Do you realize that Malaysia is one of the only few countries where the banks (mostly GLC related but not foreign banks) are offering FREE FOR LIFE credit cards? I tell you, the reason I think is because I have educated many (including the people at the banks who makes the policies) that they are only to get FREE FOR LIFE credit cards so that we do not need to beg yearly for the annual fee waiver. It is so damn stupid to pay for credit card annual fees if we can get other credit cards that offer FREE FOR LIFE and similar or better benefits. So if the banks in Malaysia do not offer FREE FOR LIFE credit cards, all my readers will not even be bothered to look into the cards unless I do a review and show them it is worthwhile.

And since I have been blogging for more than a decade, I have a stream of Die Hard Followers where I have managed to brainwash and convert them from being a cash back fan to air miles fan and many are now experts on earning air miles from thin air.

After I fired my boss to become a bum, my articles expanded to many subjects/topics on Life, Burning Money, Education and anything under the sun. And 2 years back I started a Project on Love & Gratitude which has benefited many people where their life has changed for the better.

Without further ado, scroll down and click on Page 2 to see the first thing that I have brainwash many into doing………