The Most Underrated Social Media Influencer In Malaysia

GenX GenY GenZ’s Influence No.6 – Watches

Many of my followers have bought Rolex watches because of my articles BUT I don’t know if they had read my articles carefully and comprehended that except for certain selected Stainless Steel Sports Models and only very limited Stainless Steel non-sports models actually appreciate in value over time, haha.

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Below is an image of my eldest son’s Rolex GMT Batman, my second son’s Rolex GMT Half Gold and my Rolex Pepsi.

And because I bought myself a Casio Edifice as a souvenir while at Narita Airport and found that it has Bluetoorh features which is freaking cool, I was suddenly into Casio G-Shock and many of my followers also got themselves a G-Shock because of my articles 🙂

I tell you, a G-Shock can do much much more than a Rolex watch, hahaha.

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